The Community Option - 6 Benefits of Retirement Village Living


As you age, it’s important to maintain your lifestyle. Social connections, exercise, activities and leisure time are all integral to aging healthy and well. Yet, a lot of people struggle to achieve all of this, especially if they stay living in the family home. Let’s explore six different perks of spending your autumn years in a retirement village.


Social Connections and Relationships

Retirements villages are a great place to meet new people. As a rule of thumb, everybody is of a similar age and will have similar interests and enjoy similar activities. You will live close to people who you can get to know and share time and conversation with.

 There is a real, healthy and connected community feeling and you begin to trust and depend on your neighbours. Everyone looks out for each other, and feels safe and secure. You may even find that you’ll make some wonderful friendships that will last the rest of your life.


Essential Services Nearby

The majority of retirement villages are located close to aged care providers, community care and residential care units. This means that you can enjoy your retirement with peace of mind as you begin to age and face some of the bugbears that come with a long and healthy life.

 You will have ready access to medical staff, Allied Health Professionals and other staff who can make your transition into assisted living as simple as possible.


Property Maintenance and Care

 While you will be responsible for maintaining your own living spaces, retirement villages offer a range of property maintenance and care options. That way, you can relax and enjoy the retirement that you’ve earned after a hard working life.

 Your property will be repaired when you need it by qualified tradespeople, common garden and outdoor areas will be maintained to a pristine level and rubbish and recycling will be removed in a timely manner. Think of all the time and money you will save!

Also, consider if you remained living at the family home. Family homes are often much larger than a retirement village unit and require ongoing maintenance and repairs. You don’t have to worry about that at all with retirement village living.


Ease of Location

 The majority of retirement villages are conveniently located near local amenities, senior citizens clubs, bowls clubs, social clubs, shopping centres and other useful locations. This is great, because you can take a short drive, or even a walk, to all the places that enable you to live a relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle.


Emergency Call Systems

Unfortunately, accidents happen. And they can happen with more frequency as you age. You can become prone to falls and trips, and begin to have issues with your body. Retirement villages have in-built emergency alarm systems that alert staff and emergency services if you have a fall or accident.



Finally, the cost of buying into a retirement village is often much less than the purchase of a home or a unit. If you sell your family home, you may be able to pocket a substantial amount to facilitate a leisurely lifestyle well into your old age. A smaller home also means smaller bills, which is always a good thing. You can funnel those savings into a hobby or pastime.


Living with Ease

 Retirement village living is living with ease. You will form lasting social connections and relationships, enjoy the benefits of nearby amenities, stress less about property maintenance and care, and be rest assured knowing medical services are on call. What’s more, retirement village living is cost-effective and affordable!