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The Community Option - 6 Benefits of Retirement Village Living

As you age, it’s important to maintain your lifestyle. Social connections, exercise, activities and leisure time are all integral to aging healthy and well. Yet, a lot of people struggle to achieve all of this, especially if they stay living in the family home. Let’s explore six different perks of spending your autumn years in a retirement village.

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Age Like A Good Wine: Don't Age With A Good Whine

Uh yes, dadhood. The next step up from adulthood, dadhood is an entirely new experience. Any aging you’d previously experienced will be accelerated through stress, stress and more stress. Kids are great, and I don’t want you to misquote me on that. However, they do have a tendency to make our hair grey and...

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How Men Can Remain Healthy And Sexually Active In Middle Age

This article offers seven tips for maintaining good physical and sexual health into and beyond middle age. In order, advice is offered on smoking, the prostate, exercise, muscle mass, stress and depression, diet, and sex.

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