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The Solution To A Hairy Problem

It may sound simple, but there is actually quite a bit of science behind the treatment known as laser hair removal. Akron, Ohio, area plastic surgeon Dr. David Hartman is used to explaining how the procedure works to the men who come to his office seeking a solution to the problem of unwanted hair, whether it’s some stray strands on the shoulders or a furry carpet covering the entire back.

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New Statistics Show Growth in Hair Transplants

Though the number of hair transplantations performed annually in the United States is lower now that it was in the year 2000, the procedure seems to be on the rise again, at least according to data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Why the renewed interest in hair transplants?

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Age Like A Good Wine: Don't Age With A Good Whine

Uh yes, dadhood. The next step up from adulthood, dadhood is an entirely new experience. Any aging you’d previously experienced will be accelerated through stress, stress and more stress. Kids are great, and I don’t want you to misquote me on that. However, they do have a tendency to make our hair grey and...

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