3 Ways Dad's Of All Ages Can Improve Their Appearance

3 Ways Dad's Of All Ages Can Improve Their Appearance

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Although we don’t always like to admit it, us men do care about the way we look. We want to look and feel good about our appearance when we go to work or treat our spouse to a meal out. Even if we don’t spend the same amount of time that our wives and girlfriends do on looking good, it doesn’t mean we don’t care. Being confident with the way you look can be difficult at times. Especially if you weren’t blessed with the rugged good looks of Hugh Jackman or the physique of David Beckham. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to improve your appearance. So be the envy of all the other Dad’s on the school run and read these 3 ways you can improve how you look today.

3 Ways Dad's Of All Ages Can Improve Their Appearance

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Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

It’s likely that your kids and your partner have already commented on how long your ear and nose hairs have become. If they’ve noticed everyone else you work with or socialise with, have probably noticed too. So get into the habit of checking your face, nose and ears for pesky unwanted hairs every week. Remove them with a pair of tweezers or shave them off. If they grow back quicker than you can get rid of them, consider getting them waxed at a beauty salon instead. This has become increasingly popular with men of all ages and keeps you fuzz-free for longer.

Shaving your face can often cause irritation if you don’t use the right technique or tools.  Read this review and consider investing in a shaver with a cooling system. Also, look for quality shaving creams and shave in the direction of your hair growth. This with give you a sharper shave while also helping you to avoid damaging and scarring your skin. For an, even more, enhanced look, visit the hairdressers every six weeks for a trim.

3 Ways Dad's Of All Ages Can Improve Their Appearance

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Invest In Skincare

Many men don’t feel that skincare is something they need and that it’s just for the ladies. But looking after your skin now can make you look younger and improve the way it looks no end. Take a look in the mirror and properly look at your skin. This will make it easier for you to determine what kind of skin type you have and which products you need to buy. If you’re really struggling, ask a skin expert at a beauty counter or your partner to help you. There are thousands of products out there and it can be overwhelming to know what to buy. At the very least you should get a moisturiser and exfoliating face wash. The moisturiser will stop your skin from drying out and aging quickly, and the face wash will remove dirt and grime that clog your pores. It may not be the most masculine thing in the world, but it will help you look younger for longer. Which can only make you look better.

3 Ways Dad's Of All Ages Can Improve Their Appearance

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Wear Clothes That Fit Perfectly

Sometimes we have to accept that we can no longer fit into the clothes that we used to wear when we were teenagers. Even if this band t-shirt or pair of jeans make you look and feel incredible then, they may not have the same effect now. Your clothing should be comfortable and not cut off your circulation or prevent you from moving. On the other hand, your clothing should not swamp your frame and make you look like you are wearing a tent. Head to a department store or tailor and find out what your measurements are now. Even if you don’t like the results, it will make it far easier for you to buy clothing that fits you perfectly. No matter what you decide to wear, whether it’s a suit or tracksuit, if it fits you, you will always look better.

So have a trying on session and be honest about how your clothing makes you look. Get rid of anything that is no longer flattering or makes you feel good about yourself. Replace these items with timeless pieces like dark denim jeans, a classic trench coat and easily layered t-shirts. These pieces will guarantee that you always look stylish whether you're at work or on the school run.

Now you know what to do; you  can start presenting the best version of yourself possible, no matter what your age is. These tips can make a considerable difference not only to your appearance but to your confidence too. There’s no excuse for you to feel lousy about how you look now you know how to enhance your image.

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