Awesome Tips For Becoming A Stylish Dad

Awesome Tips For Becoming A Stylish Dad

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Part of being a dad in the twenty-first century is being a cool dad. The days where men can let go after they have kids are gone as there is a bigger expectation on men to look good. Plus, as a man with an ego, you always want to look your best regardless of your age. If you feel like you haven’t been putting enough effort into the style stakes at the moment, you need to make a few changes. Trust us – you and your kids will be grateful that you took a look at the list below!

Know Your Size

One fashion tip that has come out in the past couple of years is to tailor clothes for the best fit. And, although that is a good tip, it only works for certain people. Tailored or fitted clothes are best for dads with a slighter frame as you have less weight to carry. But, if you’re a larger gentleman, you should wear baggier clothes. Most men pile on a few pounds when the kids arrive, but you should accept it rather than being in denial.

Go Vanilla

Because you are older, you are too old for the bold, printed t-shirts and the crazy patterns on clothes. Instead, go for something a little more laidback like neutral colors. Creams, whites, black, and olive green are just four examples of colors that suit any man. The key thing to remember is that standing out like a sore thumb isn’t always stylish. Often, the most stylish choice is the subtle one.

Awesome Tips For Becoming A Stylish Dad

Grow A Beard

Beards are en vogue in 2016, and you are never too old for a beard. Well, that is as long as it is a good beard. If it’s a patchy effort that looks like bum fluff, you should stick to staying clean shaven. However, if it’s a thick, luscious effort, you can pull it off. Decide which type of beard suits you best and go for that one. For example, you may look better when you grow a goatee instead of growing a full beard. Also, check out to maintain it for ultimate comfort. Beards may look good, but they are itchy and coarse if you don’t look after them.

Awesome Tips For Becoming A Stylish Dad

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Buy Brands

The odds are that you have a lot more money to spend now that you’re an older gentleman. So, forget about shopping at discount stores and focus on good brands. Brand clothes are an investment because they have better material and are timeless. If you buy a few strategic pieces, you can look the part whatever the weather. A leather bomber and a cable knit cardigan, for instance, will never go out of fashion. Plus, they are relatively easy to rock!

However, don't worry if expensive brands aren't your cup of tea, there are plenty more stylish and unique options to choose from. The Clothing People, for example, can help you design and create your very own clothing pieces; leaving you looking fashionable and one of a kind all at the same time!



Accessories take an outfit to the next level. There are even teenagers that will give you respect for rocking the right accessories. A watch, preferably real silver or gold, is a must. But, you shouldn’t forget about rings and necklaces too.

The great thing about accessories is that they complement any outfit. And, they don’t cost a fortune.

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