The Secret Worries Men Have That They Never Talk About

The Secret Worries Men Have That They Never Talk About

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Women can openly talk about their worries. How do they do that? They have no issues with getting their girlfriends together. Discussing body parts, sex issues and everything in between. Men? We struggle to talk about some of the serious stuff. We spend more time worrying in secret than we do discussing the problems and finding a solution. Here are the secret worries of most men. You may worry about them all, or a few. Either way, the message is stop doing it in secret and talk to someone.

The Secret Worries Men Have That They Never Talk About

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It’s not just women who wonder about their weight and look at how to lose unwanted pounds. Men are just as conscious about it. But don’t voice their concerns. Things like “Moobs” which is additional body fat in the pectoral area are one of the biggest weight concerns of men this decade.

We worry about how to lose weight. How to keep it off. If the loved ones in our lives will still find us attractive with a bit of weight around our middle area. If it worries you that much, don’t let it turn into more of a problem. Discuss your insecurities with your partners and perhaps look into a change of diet and regular exercise.

Erectile Dysfunction

This is something men don’t like to discuss. But it’s a real cause for concern and can be linked to other health issues so it must be discussed with a professional. Erectile dysfunction can cause you anxiety and stress that isn’t necessary. It can also cause unnecessary strain on a relationship. There is plenty of erectile dysfunction information out there. But the best advice is not to worry in silence and talk to someone.

Sperm Count

As much as we worry about not performing there is another element to that. Sperm count is a common worry amongst many men. Especially if they have settled down and there is talk of starting a family.

If you have reasons to be concerned, then seek out an infertility specialist who will be happy to put your mind at ease and investigate further.

The Secret Worries Men Have That They Never Talk About

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Being A Good Father

Why men worry about this in secret is bizarre as only sharing this with your family would put your mind at rest straight away. It’s very healthy to fear your performance as a dad. That is one of the reasons you are a good father. Everyone worries about whether you are doing things right. Women will quite be quite happy to discuss this whereas men shy away from the subject. Just be assured that if this is a worry, then you are doing a great job.

Hair Loss

Men can spend too much time worrying about things like hair loss. When it is something that can’t be helped unless you look at treatments. The best advice would be to embrace your new image.

Being Too Feminine

Finally, would you be shocked if I said men worry about being too feminine? It’s true. Some men worry about enjoying fine wines and chocolate. Watching soppy films. All could make them look womanly and that they lose their masculine edge.

So there you have it. The secret worries that most men never talk about. However, talking about these things could make the worry go away.

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