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Six Ways To Support A Chronically Ill Spouse

Every dad is different, but one thing almost every father has in common is the negative feeling that arises when they think of their partner being sick or in pain. If your partner suffers from a chronic illness, you’ve had more than your fair share of this feeling. Listed below are six ways dads can support a chronically ill spouse.

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Why can’t my child sit still?

We have all seen children whose need to be in constant motion is at best distracting and at worst deeply disturbing. While parents and professionals (teachers, counselors, psychologists) have developed a variety of strategies to help such children settle down, at times the problem can seem to be intractable. This article is designed to help you get a handle on such behavior, both in terms of understanding its causes and in terms of finding ways to deal with it productively.

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How Men Can Remain Healthy And Sexually Active In Middle Age

This article offers seven tips for maintaining good physical and sexual health into and beyond middle age. In order, advice is offered on smoking, the prostate, exercise, muscle mass, stress and depression, diet, and sex.

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