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Should You Really Be Using That Vape Pen?

Smokers decide to stop smoking in various ways, one of which is vaping. Just what is in vape juice or e-liquid that is so awful? The liquid contains three ingredients: propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin (both of which are natural and are used in food processing), food-grade flavors, and nicotine (non-nicotine flavors are also very popular.) So what's the problem?

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What You Need To Know Before Growing Tobacco At Home

Regardless of you being a smoker or not, if you have been toying with the idea of growing tobacco at home, you’re in luck. While growing tobacco at home is legal in most parts of the world, selling is prohibited. Also, before you start investing time, effort and money...

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How Men Can Remain Healthy And Sexually Active In Middle Age

This article offers seven tips for maintaining good physical and sexual health into and beyond middle age. In order, advice is offered on smoking, the prostate, exercise, muscle mass, stress and depression, diet, and sex.

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