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Gifts For Your Dad

Gift buying isn’t everyone’s area of expertise. While some have a special talent for buying gifts that the recipient will gush over, others are anxious at the thought of having to pick something. With that being said, some of the hardest people to buy presents for at times can be your parents. If you’re buying a gift for your dad especially, you may be a little stuck. In the below article you’ll find a few gift ideas that should work well for most Dads out there.

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Should You Really Be Using That Vape Pen?

Smokers decide to stop smoking in various ways, one of which is vaping. Just what is in vape juice or e-liquid that is so awful? The liquid contains three ingredients: propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin (both of which are natural and are used in food processing), food-grade flavors, and nicotine (non-nicotine flavors are also very popular.) So what's the problem?

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