Gifts For Your Dad

Gift buying isn’t everyone’s area of expertise. While some have a special talent for buying gifts that the recipient will gush over, others are anxious at the thought of having to pick something. With that being said, some of the hardest people to buy presents for at times can be your parents. You’ve probably gotten them so many perfumes and bed sheets that you’re all out of ideas. If you’re buying a gift for your dad especially, you may be a little stuck. In the below article you’ll find a few gift ideas that should work well for most Dads out there. 

Air Pods  

If your dad enjoys listening to music, try getting him some Apple air pods . This is a convenient gift as air pods are small and easy to pop in your ears so he can use them just about anywhere. They have been classed as the almost perfect wireless earbuds. Some interesting features they have include sensors that allow them to mute a song when a bud is removed and an ability to activate Siri with just two taps on the side of the buds. 

Electric Shaver  

Most men shave, so if your dad is one of them, upgrade him by buying an electric shaver. This way, he can get rid of all of the old plastic razors and other ones that aren’t of the best quality. If you aren’t familiar with electric shavers, some benefits that come with it include being able to get a closer shave and to better groom facial hair. There are so many good electric shavers on the market, especially as of 2019. Examples of good electric razors are the Andis T-Outliner and the Remington F5-5800.  


If your dad enjoys relaxation, then consider getting him a vape. This can be an interesting gift, especially if he has an interest in e-cigarettes. You would need to first look for a good starter kit that includes all of the essentials which you can find on . Additionally, buy a couple of different e-liquids which come in different flavors, so he has options to choose from.  


If your dad happens to be quite the handyman, then why not get him a toolkit that has everything in it? This way he can keep busy fixing and mending with some quality tools. A good toolkit to buy would be the Mac Allister 78 piece tool set. The Supatool 105- Piece home and office toolset is a good choice as well. The one you buy depends on your budget as well as what you think your dad’s preferences are.  

Smart Speaker  

Another gift that you probably can’t go wrong with is a Bluetooth speaker. This is especially ideal if your dad enjoys listening to music as it will give him a great experience. For wireless listening, the best Bluetooth speakers are said to be the JBL Xtreme Portable Speaker, Amazon Echo Plus, or Bose SoundLink Revolve Portable Speaker. Some characteristics you want to look out for are battery life as well as water resistance amongst other things.