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For Dad 15 Physical Benefits Of Power Yoga Add This Workout To Your Routine for Better Sleep

This short guide outlines 15 benefits of power yoga to your routine workout. Yoga also helps in promoting better sleep among different individuals who religiously follow it. According to this study, yoga is not all about rolling on the mat and performing different postures. It benefits the whole body.

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The Struggle Is Real; Keeping Your Youth As A New Dad

It's fair to say that once you become a dad changes begin to happen. We’re not talking about differences in your lifestyle or even your daily routine which will undoubtedly both be completely different after a few years living the dad life. Nope, we mean how you look and how you feel...

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How Men Can Remain Healthy And Sexually Active In Middle Age

This article offers seven tips for maintaining good physical and sexual health into and beyond middle age. In order, advice is offered on smoking, the prostate, exercise, muscle mass, stress and depression, diet, and sex.

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