4 Tips For Holding A Successful Open House For Your Small Business


It can be daunting opening up a new company, because for a while you are going to be the underdog if you are entering into an already busy market. However, holding an open house can be exactly what you need to help you to get ahead of the competition when starting up. An open house allows you to make your mark on the local community, make personal connections with potential new clients, and ensure that you are the first name people think of when looking to purchase in your industry. If you are thinking of holding your own open house, then here are four simple tips to help you make your day a success.


Get your space ready


An open house is an ideal time to get your business location on the map and introduce people to your new surroundings. Therefore, it is crucial that you remember that first appearances are incredibly important, so your business space needs to be completely up to scratch. If your office space is newly built, then it would be worthwhile recruiting the services of a post-construction cleaning company who can make sure everything is up to standard before you start planning your big opening day.  


Have a purpose


Having a product to showcase and sell at an open house can be useful, because then you are giving people a specific reason to attend the event. However, if you are a company who offers a service, rather than a product, you can still hold an open house. In this instance, instead of showcasing a product, you need to make your open house more of a social event, where both business owners and clients can network. Not only does this give you the opportunity to make people aware of your business and its location, but it will also put you on the map with other professionals.


Offer incentives


Don’t forget that your open house is one of the best opportunities you will have in your first few months of opening to attract new clients. Therefore, it is important to do everything that you can to incentivize your event attendees to try to your product or service, such as giving them a discount the first time they shop with you. Make sure that you promote this deal when you advertise your open house, as this is likely to draw more people in.


Keep your guests happy


People enjoy social occasions, even business-related events, but not if there is nothing to keep people’s interest. Food is a natural icebreaker for conversation, so offering some kind of appetizer or snack is a good idea to keep people having a good time. You also want your event to be interesting, so it might be worthwhile having some form of entertainment; this could be anything from having live music playing in the background, or even having bar staff making cocktails to order. You can also keep your guests happy by regularly checking in with them, and making sure to converse with each person one on one, so that they can get to know you on a more personal level.