How To Choose Towels For Your Newborn

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When it comes to your baby, you don’t take chances. Not even a simple towel should be bought without going through a rigorous purchase process to guarantee comfort for your little one. Considering how important your newborn is, even choosing the right towel can feel overwhelming. To save you from the agony of overthinking every towel in your hands, here is a quick buyer’s guide that can help make the process easier and improve the results.


Local weather


The type of towel you choose for your newborn should not only be influenced by preferences and comfort. It should also depend on the weather. In cold areas, you should consider a thicker towel that offers more warmth to the baby. In warmer areas, a cotton towel is more preferred. It offers breathability and comfort to the child.


No perfumes of fragrances


With babies, perfumes and fragrances must be avoided. Their noses cannot keep up with the strong smell and their skin might react with the chemicals used to make the perfumes. Some towel brands might highlight that the perfume or fragrance is not harmful to the baby.

No matter how confident a company is in the safety of their perfume to children, it is best to avoid it at all costs. Perfumes and fragrances can cause reactions like respiratory tract complications and rashes on the skin. If you have a fragrance that you prefer and one that does not harm your baby, you can buy a scentless towel and add the fragrance after.




Choosing the right material for your child can be daunting. Even though some materials feel warm, they might not be soft. Some of the soft materials might not be warm. You need to choose a towel that offers the best of both worlds for the baby.

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The best materials for a newborn baby’s towel are cotton and flannel. If you can get one made from nylon, even better.

If nothing matters but the best, go for towels with a thicker feel to them. Large and thick cotton towels are the best for your baby. They are the ones you should hunt for relentlessly.

If you decide to go with cotton, it is best to buy a towel made out of combed cotton. While most brands sing praises of how soft their cotton towels are, one wash can make them rough for your baby’s skin. A crumped towel can feel like sandpaper against your baby’s skin. Not to mention, the friction caused by rubbing can increase chances of a rash. Combed cotton remains soft even after washing and is kind to your baby’s skin.




When it comes to absorption, a baby’s towel should be twice as absorbent as regular towels used by adults and older children. Your baby needs to dry within a short time to avoid catching a cold. Also, you don’t want to keep rubbing the towel against the baby’s skin. The towel should soak up the water with minimal effort.

The main factor when considering the absorbance of a towel is the Grams per Square Meter (GMS) rating of the towel. Usually, there is a manufacturer label on the towel that indicates the GMS rating of the towel.

For newborns, anything between 600 to 700 GMS should be just right. It is not advisable to go higher or lower than this range.  




Your newborn should have a towel that fits right. You don’t want to buy a towel that is too small and exposes parts of the child to the cold as they dry up. As the baby grows, you need to keep changing the towels. But, to start with, a towel that is 26 by 45.4 by 52 inches should be just right.


Maintenance and cleaning


Having a baby around can be overwhelming. You’re expected to do everything around the house and still take care of the baby. Having a towel that has a rigorous cleaning process will only add to the difficulty of your daily chores.

A good towel for your newborn should be easy to clean. Pick one that is machine washable. What’s more, the towel should not pill or become rough after several washes. If piling is a concern, you should know that tightly knit fibers don’t pill as much as loosely-knit ones. Also, Read the care label keenly for details on how to properly care for the towel and clean it.




Even though the towel is designed to be the best place for your baby after a bath, it can do more. With minor tweaks, the towel can offer added warmth and protect the child from the cold and dampness. A good example is the hooded Turkish cotton towels for babies.

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When it comes to designs, there’s a lot to choose from. Animal print designs, cartoon characters, superhero characters and so on. The list is endless.

When choosing the design, don’t forget functionality. As much as you want a towel that turns up your baby’s cuteness, it should also get the job done.




You can take plenty of time choosing a great towel for your baby. If the packaging is not done properly, the towel can easily get contaminated in transit compromising the towel. Packaging is just as important as the towel. It needs to be tough enough to keep the towel safe and stand up to the stress of transport.


Color and appeal


Typically, choosing the appeal and color of the towel for your newborn should be easy. But, for most parents, it is the hardest part. It can be conflicting deciding whether to choose a color matching the walls of the baby’s nursery, pick a color based on the gender or based on your favorite color. There are many decisions that can influence the choice of color. However, color in most cases does not affect functionality so you can go with what you prefer.

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With regards to appeal, if you want a towel that has a rich shiny appeal, the Turkish cotton towels are the best choice. They have a soft thick feel and they are highly absorbent guaranteeing quality results and a luxurious feel for your newborn.

If picking the right towel for your baby is difficult, these simple tips and features should help you make the right choice. It is important to remember how delicate the skin of your newborn is. You should constantly remember this when making every choice. This way, you get a great towel that will provide an excellent experience for the little guy.