5 Reasons To Hire A Divorce Lawyer In New Jersey If You Have Kids

Divorce is potentially a draining affair both emotionally and financially. You get to split your assets and income or even providing for two households. Perhaps you suppose your spouse will agree to your proposal and press on to file for divorce without engaging a lawyer in a bid to avoid legal fees.

Quite often, people do file without hiring a divorce attorney but open themselves to a whole lot of pitfalls.

Finding a divorce lawyer in NJ is a straightforward and potentially life-saving process.

Let's explore the reasons you must hire an attorney for your impending divorce.

1. Interpretation of the law

Even in a scenario where you reach an agreement with your spouse, supposing you mislabel the pact, like say, shared custody rather than joint legal custody, the repercussions may prove serious, resulting in loss of parental privileges in some respects.

Hiring a lawyer will ensure you don't make such errors as they prove arduous and costly to alter orders once finalized.

A lawyer also offers advice on how to get ready for your custody case – including the dos and donts.

Most parents opt to discuss the case with their kids, especially older kids. An attorney will advise that it's usually not advisable - and in a situation where you want children to state the preferred parent in regards with who they wish to live with, your attorney will present the evidence in court using better ways than you engaging your child.

2. Improves your odds of winning and avoiding embarrassments

Supposing you don't get along with your spouse to the extent of attending a hearing for each disagreement, the need for an attorney becomes imperative. You may think you hold compelling evidence as to why you're best suited to keep the children as the primary custodian or keep the family home.

However, you lack the know-how of presenting the testimony or evidence in a way that doesn't draw objections from your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Without the counsel of an attorney, you risk misrepresenting your case, consequently damaging your case.

A divorce lawyer knows which evidence to present, how to do it and arguing objections, raising your odds of winning the case.

3. Easier tracking of legal documents

You must file specific legal documents for the court process to commence upon approval. In the event of the absence of any form, your divorce will most likely not sail through, therefore, protracting the process.

A divorce lawyer will help in filling the forms and respond to any queries to ensure the dissolution runs smoothly.

4. You get to understand your rights

It's most likely you're unaware of your rights. A top NJ divorce lawyer will brief you on your rights and almost guarantee a fair ruling.

5. Lessen emotional stress

The marriage dissolution process takes its toll on you emotionally. Not to say your lawyer is a therapist, but they take your emotional well-being into account during the process to help you think clearly.

Key takeaway

If you chose to navigate the murky waters of a marriage dissolution without NJ divorce lawyer, you risk hurting your well-being and finances. A lawyer may help in creating a good rapport with your kids. In the absence of legal guidance, you may end up on the wrong side of a custody agreement that limits the time you meet your children and a bad child support situation.