5 Rose Wines Every Guy Must Have

Photo by  Alev Takil  on  Unsplash

Photo by Alev Takil on Unsplash

Rose wines are multifaceted wine labels that can serve any purpose. It comes in a green or white grape varietal that undergoes an intricate process to exude the real taste. It possesses either light to dark pink with low to high sugar content. It also belongs to a Sparkling wine family, the same with other types of Champagne you may find.  

While Rose wines are generally called a drink that many ladies should sip, it doesn’t mean that a man can no longer indulge with it. There are many Rose wines on the market that are also up to par with men’s preference for good wines that aren’t too soft for their liking.  

These types of wine labels can stand all year long. Some men are seen to drink red and white wines with high alcohol content because of their tolerance level. Rose wines, on the other hand, are also measured depending on their alcohol content. Thus, your man can drink this without any hitch. It can also satisfy their palate like what red and white wines can do.  

In this article, we’d like to lay out some Rose wine label every guy should have. It will help them choose what kind of Rose wine will meet their needs. It will also convince them that ladies do not only deserve to toast rose wines, but they are too.

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1988 Billecart Salmon Rose

The 1998 Billecart Salmon Rose is a Champagne Rose wine that leaves clarity and freshness to the palate. Your man should obtain a bottle of this wine as it exudes full minerality and acidity.

James Suckling, who is one of the most notable wine critics, has rated this Rose wine to almost perfect in quality. It came from a Pinot Noir grape varietal accompanied by other tropical elements. It carries a full-bodied tannin content and produces a warm and vibrant feeling after you consume a glass of this wine.  

It comes in a light pink where the texture is very crisp. Your man will appreciate this wine because its taste will linger on their taste buds.

 2007 Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Rose

Your guy will ultimately love the  2007 Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Rose as this purely comes as a knock-out wine to taste. It contains an exuberant and racy characteristic that grips to your palate, showing a  deep resonance and stunning texture. It will surely help them appreciate the real beauty of Rose wines.  

The 2007 Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Rose comes from several ingredients such as dried cherries, dried flowers, and rose petals. It also contains Pinot Noir grape varietal around 15%. It offers an exhilarating feeling when your guy drinks this Rose wine brand as it explodes entirely to their taste buds.

2009 Louis Roederer Cristal Rose

Every guy can appreciate a strong and intense wine label. On one hand, they also look for a wine that shows a sublime finesse and delicacy. And 2009 Louis Roederer Cristal Rose offers just that. You can never go wrong with this wine as you hand over a glass to your guy as it contains a surprisingly warm feeling of tasting a vintage wine label.  

Vinous Media, which is another reputable wine critic, even considered this wine label as the best brand released in its corresponding year. It exudes pure overtones that came from floral notes. It offers a strong taste to the palate yet creates a well-balanced texture. Don’t hesitate to let your guy taste this wine as they’ll surely like it, the same way they do with red and white wine labels.

2010 Lallier Brut Rose

Most men tend to look for wines with a higher alcohol level, but there are some who wanted an alcohol-free brand. The 2010 Lallier Brut Rose can deliver your needs be giving out a cloudlike, misty, and a zero dosage Rose wine. He will surely appreciate the intense taste of this wine but never gets intoxicated.  

The 2010 Lallier Brut Rose came from several elements like orange zest, juice, and floral peach. It is one of those Rose wines you can find in the market which delivers the cleanest and the most fragrant characteristics. The intensity it provides in the palate comes a little bit pale, but can sincerely fulfill the needs of your man.

2007 Bollinger Grande Annee Rose

The 2007 Bollinger Grande Annee Rose offers a focused, refined, and firm taste. Your guy can surely like thine wine because it exudes total simplicity talking about the taste. It came from selected elements of ground spices, dried apricot, honeycomb, toast, and graphite. It is a lacy Rose wine label that offers a chalky finish inside your taste buds.