5 Things You Should Know About Dating Men In 2018

5 Things You Should Know About Dating Men In 2018

Dating is a very complex issue that needs to be handled with lots of soberness. It can be quite exhausting when you date lots of men, but still, you are unable to find the right one. The dating scene has evolved, with online dating taking the center stage. However, you can still find the best dating advice for women online.

But even in the midst of all this, there are still simple things you should know about dating men in 2018. Below are some of them.

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Make the First Move

The norm dictates that men should be the ones to approach the ladies, but the reverse is also true. Ladies should not feel afraid of making the first move if necessary. An overwhelming percentage of men nowadays would not mind being approached by a woman first.

So, if you walk into your favorite bar with your girlfriends and notice a guy you like, just make the first move. It won’t hurt being the first one to say hi. The odds might just be in your favor.

2. Value Honesty and Integrity

Currently, we are living in a modern world with two categories. One is the real world and the other is the online world. Majority of the people will tend to use their online world lives when dating and this creates room for deceptions.

A good guy should be honest enough with you and put his real persona before you. Dating a guy who always spews deception right from the word go should set your gut rumbling. Dating should be about knowing the other party bit by bit. The guy should be confident enough to answer your questions with honesty. But remember it cuts both ways. You too should strive to be honest with him so that he too can appreciate and respect you.

3. Be Open Minded but Know What You Want

What makes dating interesting in this modern day is the fact that there are lots of relationship options, especially for those seeking serious relationships. But these options require you to be very straightforward and true to what you want.

Your relationship values should help guide you on this. If you want an open relationship, then date a man who shares the same values. This straightforwardness will help eliminate unnecessary frictions.

However, combining this straightforwardness with an open mind is crucial. You will be tempted to pass a guy who simply does not fit your "relationship man idea". Keep an open mind. Get to know the guy. You will be surprised that he truly fits the bill.

4. Be Yourself   

It may sound simple and stupid but it totally works. Men usually want women with different qualities and traits. Some would want a woman who is into sports. Another will want a woman who is into healthy living and so.

With this, the best thing you can do for yourself is to be you. Any attempt to portray being someone else in order to fit into your dating partner’s bill will absolutely backfire.

Men would appreciate you for being true to yourself. Do not make it an agenda of trying so hard to win a man. Remember you are after finding the right fit. Let the guy love you for who you are. If he does not, simply move onto the next one.

5. Be Alert With the Red Flags

You know that feeling when something is not right and you can feel it to the core? Yes, do not ignore it. If the guy you are dating cannot even be open with you about the simplest of issues such as where he works or what he does for a living, then it sends wrong signals.

A good guy should be upfront with you. He should be comfortable telling you stuff even if they make him uncomfortable. Monitor his behavior keenly. If it drives you nuts then ship out. Date a man who is well mannered and this should trickle down in everything he does.