Visiting the United States? 10 Fun Things to Do

Visiting the United States? 10 Fun Things to Do

The United States occupies the travel bucket list of every ardent traveler! However, when you finally make it there, you might have a tough time deciding what to explore. The choices are endless! To make your “must see and do” list easy, here are the ten best picks.


1.      Laze around in a natural park

Think of Colorado's Grand Canyon, when you think of natural parks. You'll love the ambiance and can relax, taking a break from your routine life. Other names to add to your list are Yosemite Park, Grizzly Bears, and the Yellow Stone. From excursions, sports activities, outdoor fun to exploring natural wonders, you can do it all.


2.      Explore Route 66

Everyone wants to go on a road trip leaving all work and tension behind? When you are in the United States, this is what you should sign up for! Drive through and enjoy the scenic view, snack in the mythical cafes and themed restaurants and many more.


3.      Explore New York like a gypsy

If you’re visiting New York, roam like a gypsy! As the city has everything that can you ask for. From the best museums, exhibitions, art, music, fashion – New York has every slice of life etched beautifully. Also, it’s called the city that hardly sleeps. So, go all out and explore the city’s vibrant settings and locales.


4.      Don’t miss out Vegas

You have to visit the “City of Sin” when you’re in the United States. Designer stores, swanky hotels to pubs, Las Vegas, have it all for you. Also, if you love to party, there’s no better place than this city.  Here you can also explore the replica of St. Mark’s Square where you can explore the gondolas.


5.      Don’t miss out on horse racing

Are you a fan of race courses and horse racing? If yes, be there at Lexington. Head to the Keeneland Race Course and the Churchill Downs racetrack during your stay. Before visiting, you can browse through TVG website if you want to.


6.      Explore San Francisco

You are inevitably going to fall in love with this city! You can visit China Town and also ride the cable cars and be there in Lombard Street. These are few of the tourist experiences that you must have in San Francisco. The city is also known for its pubs, music concerts and art scene.


7.      Explore the attractive theme parks

The United States gives you a chance to be a kid again. You can head to the Disney factory which welcomes you to 4 theme parks. There are two water parks as well all across the country.


8.      Be with the Hollywood stars

Places like The Walk of Fame and the Dolby Theatre are places where you can share space with the celebrities. There's the famous Hollywood sign that overlooks the city is one of the few aspects that makes you visit the United States.


9.      Take a look at the White House

Your United States vacation is incomplete without visiting The White House! It’s an iconic site that has witnessed some of the critical happenings of American history. 


10.  Attend at least one live sports event

A live sports event in the United States is a blend of thrill, fun, excitement, nachos, hot dogs and pop-corns. American football, baseball, basketball or ice-hockey, go ahead and take your pick. You could even save money on the cost of your ticket, for example by using discount vouchers like SeatGeek coupons.


These are some of the popular sites to explore in the United States. You can refer these names and plan the U.S travel bucket list.