5 Tips for Talking to Your Daughters About Their Changing Bodies

Any kind of change is overwhelming, more so when it’s happening to a pre-teen or teenage girl’s body. Every girl goes through a lot of changes as she becomes a grown woman, and it’s you—her dad and the first man in her life—who can make her feel all the better about these scary changes. But, what exactly should you talk to her about, and how do you go about it?

It’s sometimes expected that when it comes to puberty, moms will talk to their daughters and dads will connect with their sons. This is not always the case though, and having a fatherly figure part of the conversation (or entirely) can be beneficial. These tips are for the clueless dads to assist you in approaching this situation.

1. Explain the Changes Before They Happen

Having “the talk” doesn’t have to be as daunting as people make it out to be. It’s essential for your daughter to learn about the changes in her body from you, and before they even happen! This is key, as it can help prevent any major any freak-outs or confusion on her end. 

One of the earliest signs of puberty in girls is the development of breasts. Aside from letting her know what’s to come, be prepared with giving her advice for appropriate bras for small or still-growing breasts. Depending on how far along her development is at the time of chatting with her, a training bra might work as her first bra. If this isn’t supportive enough, suggest bras such as a comfortable t-shirt bra or even a lightly padded push up bra for small breasts.

2. Educate Yourself

You can’t impart information that you don’t know or are not sure about. Before attempting “the talk” with your daughter, educate yourself about the technicalities of puberty. To start with, girls’ biggest concerns about body changes during puberty are the change in body shape, pubic hair, and menstruation.

3. Talk It Over With Her Mom or Ask for Help From a Woman

It’s inevitable for your daughter to get input from various other sources, like their peers or the Internet. She can get confusing, contradicting, or even the wrong information. Make sure she gets the right facts by teaming up with her mom or a woman who has first-hand experience of what she’s experiencing.

4. Inject Some Humor Into the Conversation

Dads have a reputation for being the people who can ease any big problem for their kids through their unwavering humor. This topic is already sensitive and has the potential to be awkward. Be the one person to lighten up the situation for your daughter and make her feel more comfortable about it by tossing in a few corny dad jokes to let her know it’s okay to have fun with these conversations.

5. Make Her Feel Loved

When changes in her body occurs, expect that your daughter will be comparing herself to other girls her age even if she pretends otherwise. If she’s maturing early or is a late bloomer, she’ll feel quite abnormal for being different. If she’s experiencing it at the same time as others, she’ll take note of other girls’ differences to her own.

 It’s normal for her to feel weird about her body while it’s developing from girlhood to womanhood. What you can do is constantly uplift, compliment, and remind her that she’s loved and beautiful despite. This will mean so much more coming from her dad.


Remember, during puberty is when your daughter will need encouragement and support from you. Constantly checking in and talking with your daughter through this process will only lead to a stronger relationship between you two. When you see her grow confidently into her own body, it’s the most rewarding feeling.