Passing Urine Drug Tests For Construction Workers - How To Pass A Urinalysis Fast

Urine tests are popular methods to detect a range of substances but are particularly useful in sporting organisations or workplaces that want to ensure that certain drugs have not been used within the previous few days.

If you are working in the construction industry you are generally expected to undergo drug testing, sometimes as often as each month – either as a random sample of people or as part of a rotation schedule. If you have an accident at work, you may also be required to give a urine sample to be tested for substances that have been banned at your workplace.

A survey conducted to look at drugs and alcohol in the United States of America found that almost 70% of people who take drugs are employed, far from the media depiction of drug users being stay at home layabouts, so if you are working and still enjoying recreational consumption on the weekends, you are not alone. 

Types of Testing

Urine testing is used for a range of purposes. Amongst other things urinalysis can detect kidney disease, diabetes, pregnancy, urinary tract infection, and of course a range of substances that have been consumed – particularly banned or illegal substances.

What Happens at a Pee Test?

You may or may not be given advance notice that you are required to give a sample of your urine for testing, but generally the process follows the format of:

1)      You are given a specimen jar (or a sterile container) and requested to go into the lavatory to and provide a mid-stream sample.

2)      The specimen jar is then sealed and sent to a lab for analysis.


3)      In some cases, you may be given a specimen jar that has chemicals already coating the inside that are able to detect traces of the substances being tested. In this instance you will be given the results of the test within 10 minutes. If the results are negative the sample may still be sent to the lab for verification and confirmation.

In some cases, you may not be given any privacy to produce the urine sample, and instead have a technician watching to ensure that the urine sample is genuinely yours.

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How Can I Pass a Urine Test?

Generally, a urine test can only detect substances that you have consumed in the previous few days, although if you are a heavy user (particularly of pot) the test may detect drugs up to the previous 30 days.

Obviously the only 100% fail safe way of passing a drug test is to not take drugs, nor be around anyone that is smoking them (even passive drugs can occasionally be detected in your urine). Of course, that is not always possible, and if you are in a state where it is perfectly legal to smoke pot on Friday night, it seems a bit unfair that you are punished for it when you are not going to be at all impaired come Monday morning (particularly when Joe Bloggs turns up with a hangover).

If you have advance notice that you will be expected to provide a urine sample for drug testing, you can look at trying to cleanse your system following a detox program. There are a range of ways to do this, and can combine eating certain foods, doing certain exercise (like HITT and yoga), and using a sauna.

However, if you have only been given short notice and are expected to give a pee sample within the hour, your options are limited, but if you have planned ahead (which hopefully you would have if you know that you are in an industry that occasionally does drug testing), there is still hope for you. There are different options, and you can find more details from a site like, but one of the most popular options is to use fake urine.

Fake Pee

Urine analysis looks at certain things before even starting to detect drugs – colour, and temperature being two of the obvious things. A lab technician only needs to glance at the sample you have provided to be able to detect an obvious fake.

‘Borrowing’ urine from your clean friend and storing it in your desk draw may seem like a good idea at the time, but it is unlikely to pass a temperature test (human urine is meant to be around 95°F (35 °C) when it ‘comes out’ and will need to be replaced relatively regularly. Generally, urine will only be useable for up to 24hours, unless kept in the freezer, but that brings us back to the issue of trying to get it at the correct temperature when you only have a few minutes to deliver your urine sample.

Synthetic urine is available for purchase in either power or liquid form. In powder form you will obviously need to make it up quickly before you take your drug test, whereas in liquid form you will need to ensure that you keep it on your body so that it stays at the right temperature for when you need it.


It is possible to also make your own synthetic urine, although it is generally considered easier and safer to purchase a reputed brand of fake piss, but if you want to search on the internet for recipes these are the ingredients that you will generally need to purchase or obtain:

·         Albumin power (a type of protein – click here for more information)

·         Creatinine

·         Potassium Chloride

·         Sodium Chloride

·         Sodium Phosphate

·         Water

Do not add bleach or peroxide either to your own urine or to your fake urine, most labs are going to be checking for attempts to manipulate the test results, and these are two of the most common that they will detect immediately (and they don’t work anyway).

Carry your fake urine with you, along with a bottle of lukewarm water (you should be drinking more water anyway), and you will always be prepared for a drug test, even if it comes just before knockoff on a Friday afternoon.