How To Instill Healthy Eating Habits In Your Children

Besides guiding children to get their homework done, another thing parents need to focus on is their eating habit. Do they like skipping breakfast? Are they consuming excess sweets or food that is bad for their health? These are some of the questions that can help you decide your next line of action.

Childhood obesity is becoming rampant, and it is one of the health issues many health bodies are having sleepless nights over. Obesity can give rise to several life-threatening conditions, so it is better to prevent it now than face the consequences later. So, even though encouraging your children to develop a healthy eating habit isn’t going to be easy, you still have to make it happen somehow.

So, if you are ready to help your kids to develop healthy eating habits, then use the tips below.

1. Give your kids the chance to explore

It is improper to tell your kids that they may not like how specific foods taste. Don’t forget that kids hardly forget things. So, it’s better to allow your children to explore and be the judge of what they like and don’t like.

Let them decide if they like spinach or not. And if your kids don’t, the best you can do is to educate them on the nutritional benefits of spinach and why they need it. Make them understand how eating spinach in place of sweets or something else that isn't good for their health, can help them lead a healthy life. If you can convince your children, they may likely continue eating that particular food on their own.

2. Practice what you preach

Kids like to copy what they find their parents do. That is why parents are advised to lead by example and avoid doing negative things in front of their kids. So, if you want to instill healthy eating habits in your kids, then learn to practice what you preach. If you tell them not to eat sweets, don't eat sweets in front of them.

Instead, eat that dreadful broccoli in front of your kids. And forget your table manners at this point, just let the “mmm’s” come out of your mouth while eating to prove to them that you are enjoying your food. Before you finish eating, your kids may even request to join you.

3. Avoid waste

If you want to avoid overeating and wastage, start giving your kids smaller portions. If they want more, let them request it. You also don’t have to use negative reinforcements or force your kids to finish up their food even when they are already full.

4. Never skip breakfast

Having breakfast is very important. But then, ensure the breakfast is nutritious, and healthy. The thing is having breakfast can help to control your kids’ eating habit throughout the day. It can also help to improve your kids’ memory and concentration in school, among other benefits.


Instilling healthy eating habit in young children can have a massive impact on them in the future. And according to, it's every parent's responsibility. Therefore, no matter how tight your schedules are, you need to create time to encourage and guide your kids to develop healthy eating habits. Also, the best time to start instilling this behavior in your kids is now.