5 Tips To Buying A New Air Compressor

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An air compressor is a versatile tool that is used by mechanics, hobbyists, automotive technicians, among others. You can opt to buy a new one or a second hand. The latter is preferred by buyers because air compressors are expensive to replace. It means that you need to maintain it well for longevity. Manufacturers sell various models. It can be overwhelming to choose the right and quality model within your budget with the wide range of options available. Here are a few factors that you need to consider before you make a purchase:

1) Research

Online review companies should be your priority when you are comparing various models available. You could drop by this website if you need to make an informative decision about buying a credible air compressor. They provide an informative guide not only on how to select the best air compressor within your budget but also on maintenance. You can also use customer reviews available on the manufacturer’s website. It helps to know more about the quality of products offered and their customer service.

2) Stationary Or Fixed

Your intended use for air compressors will determine if you need the stationary or fixed one. Most stand-up compressors are classified as stationary. They are often used in garages and workshops. They are best for commercial and heavy-duty activities. It is efficient if you are powering multiple tools.

Enquire about the previous storage if you are buying a secondhand compressor. It should be able to exhaust heat properly without trapping it. Tight space with greasy residue implies that the previous owner stressed the internal components. It is not a good option.

3) Pressure And Capacity

These two features are an important consideration when buying an air compressor. The pressure focuses on how strong your compressor is while the capacity is how much workload it can take. Most people assume that the difference between a small and large size is the pressure. The difference is the capacity. The large one has a high capacity than the small one. The type of tools you intend to use will determine your pressure consideration. That is, whether it is possible to use both the tools and compressor at the same time. Ask your dealer to guide on selecting the pressure and capacity features depending on your intended activities.

4) Noise

Noise levels preferences vary among buyers. Some air compressors are extremely loud. Therefore, you need to check the noise levels. The oil-lubricated compressors are popular because they are quieter than oil-free ones. The oil lubrication guarantees smooth running thus low noise. On the other hand, oil-free compressors lack internal lubrication thus are noisy. This reason can affect the longevity of your air compressor.

5) Affordability

Consumers should understand that air compressors are among the priciest tools in the market. Therefore, if you seek affordability, do not overlook the quality. Ensure that you get the value you are paying for irrespective of your budget. Do not compromise on the quality for a low price then end up spending a lot on repair or replacement.