5 Tips To Choosing The Best Hot Sauce


Hot sauce is one of those spices that never get old. In fact, the spice is as old as humanity. Almost everyone loves food that has been spiced with chilli. The hot sensation that the pepper gives makes you want to have some more of whatever you are eating.  The good thing about hot sauce is that you can use it at any dinner or lunch table. Whether you are having pizza, barbeque or pasta, hot sauce is always good to go. However, buying this precious spice can be a huge challenge for beginners. This is because there are many hot sauces in the market that originate from different countries. Below is a checklist that can guide you when shopping for hot sauce for the first time.


1. Burning Effect


When looking for the best hot sauce in Australia, you should factor into the issue of hotness. Some hot sauces are designed to burn more than others.  Such sauces are not ideal for people that have never tried hot stuff before or children. If you are new to the world of sauces, you should stick to one that is made with a recipe that’s a bit mild or you will not enjoy your meal. The good thing is that every container indicates the estimated intensity of hotness that’s expressed in terms of scoville units. The lower the units, the less burning you will feel in your mouth.


2. Flavor


The flavor of a hot sauce is determined by the ingredients that are used. Some are sour while others are sweet. It’s a matter of personal preference. Those that are sour usually contain vinegar, garlic, pineapple, lemon and mango among other ingredients. Besides that, the flavors vary depending on the country of origin. Those that are made in Asia don’t taste the same like those that originate from Mexico or US.


3. Date of Expiry


It’s always important to check the expiry date of a hot sauce. The date of expiry is usually displayed on the bottom of the container or on the seal that’s usually at the top of the container. If you know you will not be using the sauce more often, you should opt for a package that has long shelf life to avoid using expired spices. In fact, you should buy the smallest package so that you can finish the spice before its expiry date.


4. Ingredients


When selecting a sauce based on ingredients, you have only two options; either you buy a sauce made from organic ingredients or opt for one made from inorganic ingredients. A sauce that’s made from organic ingredients will definitely command a higher price in the market. This is because it has more health benefits than those made using inorganic ingredients that comprise of chemical compounds.


5. Brand Reputation


For best results, it’s recommended you buy sauce that’s made by a reputable food company. This is because such companies maintain best industry standards in their production plants than those that are still new in the market. In fact, some sauces that are made by these established brands taste so yummy because they have been prepared for several years. When you visit comparison sites, you will realize that such brands are usually at the top of the rankings.