Business Savvy - 5 Secrets To Building Strong Client Relationships


The quality of services and products, along with the level of customer care, and employee and client policies might determine a company’s worth. However, how a company treats its clients is probably the most important aspect of business. Many businesses often make the mistake of trying to attract new clients while not developing and nurturing their relationships with existing clientele. If clients do not feel appreciated or are not provided with excellent customer service, they will not think twice before taking their business elsewhere. Here are five secrets to building and maintaining strong client relationships:


Good Gifting Habits

In today’s competitive economy, having a strong client base is a privilege. Nurture this relationship by rewarding your clients with gifts, loyalty programs, vouchers, and promotional products that thank them for showing an interest in your company and what it offers. Remembering your customers’ birthdays, anniversaries and calling them up to wish them or offering a discount or voucher as a gift shows that you care. Also, invest some time in creating special customised packages for clients who have stayed with you for a long time. These approaches will make your clients feel appreciated and cement your relationships with them further.   


Go The Extra Mile

Suppose your client rings you up with a  problem that you have never encountered before, or been trained to deal with. What do you say? “Sorry, we can’t help you, it is not in our policy”? That is most certainly not going to cut it. The inability to solve a customer’s pressing problem, and projecting a lack of concern or professionalism is a sure shot way of losing your customers. Some issues are indeed challenging to solve. However, many can be addressed successfully with a bit of creativity, ingenuity and tenacity. Take the time out to help your client by researching a solution and going the extra mile to be as accommodating as you possibly can. Even if you can't solve the problem, your hard work and support will not go unnoticed by your customer.  


Honesty Is The Best Policy

Overselling your company and its services is tempting. Nevertheless, to ensure that your customers stay with you for the long-haul it pays to reign in the hyperbole and be honest about your products and services. If your customers want more than you can offer them, assure them that your company will work hard to fill the gaps. Customers will appreciate your company’s transparency and honesty and will look forward to working with you.


Listen And Improve

A mistake many companies make is not taking their customers’ feedback seriously. No one can give you more honest feedback about your organisation than those that use your products or services. Brushing aside honest feedback and not internalizing constructive criticism will reflect poorly on your company. Taking note of the direction you receive- the good, bad, and ugly, and utilizing them to better your company will not only make you a favourite among existing customers but also attractive to potential new clients.


Be With The Times

It is essential to stay abreast of the latest developments and updates from your field. If your customer feels that your services are not technology-friendly, or are bogged down with too much paperwork, they are sure to leave you. Do research and attend conferences that speak about technologies that will help make your company more customer-friendly. 


Clients are by nature sceptical. Afterall, they are investing their hard earned money and would expect nothing but the best service. Nurturing strong client relationships will go a long way in making your clients confident enough to invest in your business.