5 Tips To Cleaning The Interior Of Your Car Like A Pro

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Cleaning the interior of your car is something that most car-owners do on a regular basis. This is because this is an important part of maintaining your car. The is the normal cleaning, however there is a way that the cleaning can be through and this means that he interior of the car can be decent. Cleaning like a pro, required one to know the areas to clean and also know the areas which are mostly overlooked and cleaning them thoroughly. Here are 5 tips which you need when cleaning the interior of your car like a pro.


1.         Have the right Tools and Materials

 Cleaning the interior of the car will require specific tools which you must have at hand before the process can commerce.  A vacuum cleaner is one of the tools which you need to clean the carpets and other hard to reach places in the car. Brushes are other tools which you need to clean the air vents and other places which are hard to reach but accumulate dust particles. You will also need wiping and polishing materials like towels and towels. The best wiping and polishing material is the microfiber cloth.


2.         Remove Trash and other removable items

It is common for the car to have trash and other unwanted stuff which needs to be removed before the cleaning process can start. These materials include mats and carpet which must be removed since for a thorough cleaning they need to be cleaned outside the car. The car may at times have other valuable like books, magazines or toys which also needs to be removed so they are not in the way of cleaning or they are not destroyed.


3.         Clean the Windows

The car windows are one of the most important areas to clean; this is because unclear windows can be a security hazard as they can reduce visibility. The windows can be cleaned using a microfiber dipped or sprayed with window cleaner. The good thing about using the microfiber towel is that they avoid streaking. There are other glass cleaning products like the Anti-Glare Glass Cleaner. It is advisable that when cleaning the interior that you start with the windows to avoid dripping to other interior if they are cleaned last.


4.     Clean the dashboard

The dashboard is another area which is prone to dirt and dust, using a microfiber cloth is advisable. There are car wipes which can be sprayed in cleaner and they can clean the dashboard very well. In cleaning the dashboard it’s advisable that one should start with the cleanest area first and finish with the dirtiest. A brush can also be used to wipe the AC vets and other hand to reach areas. In cleaning the dashboard, one should extend to the steering wheel, gear stick and the door pockets which are known to accumulate a lot of dirt and debris.


5.         Clean the Seats and the carpets

The seats are other areas which are prone to getting dirty very quickly, seats can be vacuumed as a way to get most of the dirt off. In the instance that the seats have stain or odor then it’s advisable to use multi- purpose upholstery which can lift the stain as well as remove bad smell. The choice of cleaning method and treatment may differ slightly depending on the material of the seats. In cleaning the carpet, a vacuum cleaner can be used together with carpet cleaners.