5 Truck Protection Must-Haves

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Whether you're going to work or spending the weekend outdoors, you rely on your truck to carry you and your gear safely and comfortably, so it makes sense to invest in items that can keep your truck running well and looking good for years to come. No matter what kind of truck you have, you can protect it from weather, debris, and sun damage with accessories like car covers for trucks. Here are some protective gear essentials.


1. Bedliner

One of the best features of a pickup truck is the bed where you can carry furniture, tools, and recreational equipment. However, all those heavy items with sharp edges can dent and scratch your truck's bed. Installing a liner can help protect the bed from damage, water, and corrosion.


2. Sun Shade

Sunlight shining through the windshield while your truck is parked can cause your upholstery to fade and the temperature in the cab to rise to uncomfortable levels. That's why we recommend taking a look at several windshield sun shades so that you can protect your eyes on the road. Custom sun shades are extremely effective at reflecting sunshine to keep your truck's interior cool and looking like new.


3. Floor Liners

Whether you're camping, working, or just commuting to the office, it's easy to drag mud, water, and dust into your truck when you climb in. Heavy-duty floor covers can trap all that debris so it doesn't become imbedded in the floor. Most covers are easy to remove, wash, and reinstall.


4. Custom Cover

Investing in a custom-fit cover for your truck can help keep the exterior looking like new. Top-quality car covers for trucks are designed to protect against UV damage, dust, scratches, and condensation.


5. Tailgate Lock

You may be surprised to learn that truck tailgates are often stolen. Purchasing a replacement can be expensive. However, you can install a tailgate locking mechanism to help keep your truck safe from thieves and reduce your risk of a costly repair or insurance deductible.

Keep your truck looking and functioning like new with protective accessories like sun shades and covers from California Car Cover Co. Browse the available styles and sizes to find the best fit for your truck.