6 Classic And Easy To Maintain Haircuts For Dads Everywhere


Ask any man on the planet and he will tell you that being a dad has become a synonym for being busy. That is completely true and an experience that most fathers nowadays go through. However, becoming a dad shouldn’t mean the end of your life as a man. On the contrary, just imagine how proud your children would be to have a stylish and handsome father.

The trick is to find a balance between your busy days as a father and taking care of yourself. This is the reason in this article, you will find some classic and very easy to maintain haircuts for busy dads everywhere.


Being a Busy Dad

If you are part of this category, it means that you surely don’t have too much time to spend on yourself. This is exactly why you should go as simple as possible when it comes to your haircut. Go to your barber and ask for a short haircut that will be easy to maintain and still look good.

Short haircuts and hairstyles for men might look out of style with all those man buns around, but that is not the truth at all. In fact, they are versatile, easy to replicate, and will never go out of fashion. A short haircut will most certainly look good on most men.

Still not sure what to choose? Here are even more ideas of 50 low maintenance haircuts for dads which will surely get you inspired. From the Channing Tatum to the short faux hawk, you will certainly find something to take to your barber.

For now, let’s look at 6 classic and easy to maintain haircuts for modern busy dads.


1.      The basic short haircut

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This is probably one of the most basic short haircuts that a man, or a busy dad, can ask for at the barber. It is a timeless classic that will never go out of style and that is ought to look good on almost every man out there. So, don’t worry about your hair not being suited for this kind of haircut, or your face shape not being complimented by it. This haircut also works on both thick or thin hair. Chances are that your barber will know exactly how to approach this haircut to make it look perfect on you regardless of your face, hair type, or hair color.


2.      The spiky short haircut

When it comes to cool short haircuts for men, even shorter sides are a requirement. It’s the classic approach that every barber knows how to handle depending on the client. However, be bold and go for a twist in your low maintenance dad hairstyle. Because… why not? The spikes will offer this look a rough appearance which will certainly turn a few heads. Hair gel or pomade is usually all you need to make this hairstyle last an entire day.

Celebrities like David Beckham are the best inspiration for this kind of look. Talking about athletes, if you thought that they’ve always had these iconic and inspirational haircuts, you are wrong. Take a glimpse at how some of the most famous athletes looked like before becoming worldwide superstars.


3.      The wavy short haircut


What can be more beautiful and flattering than letting your natural hair shine thanks to a well-executed haircut? In this case, we are talking about men who have that beautiful natural wavy hair and still want a short haircut that’s low maintenance. Embrace your natural waves and ask your barber to create a haircut that will compliment your natural hair.

Trimming the sides and leaving the top as natural as possible might be the best way to go. Unsure of how to style and what to wear with some of these haircuts? There are some affordable and easy to replicate fashion tips for dads everywhere that you can draw inspiration from.


4.      The slicked back haircut

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When it comes to being a dad, regardless of how much you want an easy and low maintenance haircut, being a gentleman means knowing how to slick back your hair. This is a fairly easy to achieve hairstyle that only requires you to have short sides and a bit of a fluff on top. Get some hair gel or wax and create that slicked back look that is so trendy right now. Get inspired by celebrities like Justin Timberlake or rapper G-Eazy who have made this style popular once more.


5.      The deep side undercut

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This very modern and easy to maintain hairstyle which involves a deep side undercut is probably one of the most popular in 2018. By having almost no hair on the sides, all the attention will inevitably go to the top. It is a little bit more daring and probably not for every dad out there, but it’s surely one of the coolest hairstyles that you can have right now.


6.      The short pompadour haircut

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Yes, it’s true that this kind of pompadour hairstyle requires a little bit more hair, but it’s still in the short haircuts category. So, if you are someone who doesn’t want to cut his hair too short, you might want to give this hairstyle a try. It works even if you have thick and straight or slightly wavy hair. It’s also low maintenance and perfect for a busy dad because you can simply let it fall naturally and it will still look good.



So, these examples of short and easy to maintain haircuts for dads everywhere should help you realize that it’s easy to still look good even if you have a child. What most people aren’t aware of is that being a parent doesn’t mean it’s the end of their social life. It can be a sweet beginning in every aspect, including your look. Don’t be afraid to experiment and draw inspiration from these short and low maintenance haircuts for dads. They might just make you one of the coolest ones around.