Affordable Fashion Tips For Dads


Men’s fashion has come a long way. Granted, there are some trends out there that would have your Grandfather spitting out his root beer all over his plaid, but in general, we’re getting things right. We’re in a great period of post-transition. Never before has personal style been so eclectic, fluid, and accessible for everybody. Including dads!

A great aspect of the modern world is all those lame dad things we do have finally found their place. They’re even considered cool. From dad bods to dad dancing, we’ve accepted it, evolved it, and moved forward with it. Just look to David Beckham and Justin Timberlake for some major stylish-pops inspiration. We don’t have to try so hard to look good, and we don’t stand out as much for wearing what we find comfortable. If you follow these simple and affordable fashion tips for dads, you’ll be the trendiest father on the school run.


The Weekend Dad

For many of us, the weekend is for winding down and relaxing, but a dad’s work is never done. So wearing something comfortable, practical, and simple is a must. It’s fine to dress comfortably, but take a little time to consider the right clothing for you. Slim joggers have enjoyed something of a revolution as they’re casual, comfortable, and give you a more stylish silhouette than their oversized cousins. Combine a pair with a plain, fitted polo shirt and sneakers for a casual weekend outfit that won’t break the bank. When the weather turns, add an overshirt or a knitted jumper to complete a stylish layered look.

Dad style 1.jpg


The Sophisticated Dad

The best thing about aging and becoming a dad is getting to wear cool grown-up clothes. Any excuse to dress smartly should be exploited and enjoyed. You don’t have to spend a bundle on a designer suit and brogues, just focus on getting the perfect fit. Nothing beats a sharp work shirt under a well-fitted blazer. If you need to transition from the office to the school play on time, simply remove your tie and undo your top button for a casual appearance. If you’re running a tight budget buy sale items and have them tailored to fit. Slim fit trousers can be versatile if you pin-roll the cuffs and wear with sneakers and a plain T-shirt.

dad style 2.jpg

 The Active Dad

dad style 3.jpg

Active wear has changed for the better and it’s no longer the domain for the dorky dads and scouts. The emphasis has shifted from sheer functionality to a combination of both style and practicality. Hiking boots, cargo trousers, and all-weather jackets have managed to infiltrate everyday wear, and why not? They look great, offer incredible durability, and now you have a versatile wardrobe that offers great value for money. Another positive about investing in activewear is you also get to accessorize with gnarly gadgets and awesome bags, like the ones included in this review of the best backpacks 2018 on idkmen



The term metro-sexual emerged a few years back in an attempt to put into words a growing interest and change in attitude towards men’s grooming. What it conveyed was it was becoming more commonplace for men to experiment with hairstyles, facial fuzz, products, and even cosmetics. As a result, social constructs have totally changed when it comes to what is acceptable and considered presentable. If you wear designer stubble, keep it in check by buying an electric shaver. Don’t be afraid to ask your barber questions, and visit them regularly to keep on top of that unkempt look.

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Accessory To Murder

Don’t be afraid to accessorize, but always stick to the rule that less is more. If you’re in a formal setting then the classics are timeless – highlight your outfit with a flattering pocket square or tie bar. If you’re in a more casual atmosphere then opt for sunglasses or a lightweight scarf. If you want to invest in a statement piece, make sure you pair it with an understated outfit to really accentuate your style.

Unless you’re walking the red carpet logos and brands don’t matter much to anyone anymore. High street and internet retailers offer quality on trend products at affordable prices. If you’re looking for something in particular, don’t be afraid to auction sites like eBay for one-off bargains.