The Top 5 Rivalry Games To Try This Year

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Esports betting is becoming popular as technology continues to improve the video streaming capabilities of smartphones, tablets and computers. It is also supported by the rise of easy to use betting websites. Gambling and spectating on these sites has become convenient and easy, leading to an influx of new users. Rivalry is among the best and most secure betting website to use among the many available online. It has a simple interface making it ideal for both the seasoned gamblers, and the newbies. Here are five top 5 rivalry games to try this year.

1.         Defense of the Ancients

This game is among the oldest and the most popular in the gaming industry. You will be hard pressed to try and find a seasoned gamer who has not tried a hand in this game. As a new player, you will love the 115 unique playable characters referred to as heroes. Your role in this game will be to control these heroes to defend your base, and try as hard as possible to destroy your opponent. If it is a variety of gamers you are looking for, they are in plenty in defense of the ancients. You’ll find more than a hundred different DotA tournaments with the ultimate game being the international tourney. The tournament also features the biggest combined prize pools annually. You definitely want to try this game this year.

2.         League of Legends

League of Legends boasts of having the highest number of concurrent players among all online games. It currently has more than 7.5 million players, and takes more than a quarter of all the logged hours of all video games played online. The game is very simple, and players can form five-member teams out of a pool of the game’s 134 characters. It is perhaps one of the most interesting games you will find.

3.         Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike is not to be left behind, on the rivalry games you should try this year. Its interesting and simple features puts it among the best in this industry. In terms of tournament prizes value, it comes second only to DotA 2. Even then, it holds the record for the highest number of players and competitions. If you are a Facebook enthusiast, you’d be interested to know that CSGO signed a new deal with the social media giant to stream its games.

4.         Call of Duty

Call of Duty is another nice game you may want to try out. Though this game is not as popular as the first three, it continues to grow with time with the number of participants increasing and the prize money becoming better and better. Tyr out this game and be part of the growing community.

5.         Overwatch

Overwatch is a creation of Blizzard Entertainment, one of the best in this industry. The game is not yet as popular, but it sure is coming on strong as it continues to grow its league, and adapt to the changing environment. In a few months’ time, this game will be among the top games in the world.