Things To Get Your Dad For Father’s Day - If You Still Didn't Give Him Anything

fathers day gift.jpg

Shopping for dad is an easy thing to do, said no one ever. Especially when Father’s Day, that annual day when we stop pestering the poor guy to do something for us and do something for himself instead, comes around. To give you a nudge in the right direction, we have compiled a handy list of gift ideas to help inspire you, whatever your budget may be. Read on for the best presents priced for those on a budget as well as some luxury options that will please even the most unsentimental of dads. After all, dads are those people who had been there for you, guided you and stood by you all your life, so why not get him something as a tribute to him on Father’s Day like these people did.

Give the old man a spruce up or to be more accurate, encourage him to do this for himself, with a grooming set. These are widely available and are like female beauty boxes for guys. The idea is that if you use a subscription service, dad will never run out of his favorite shaving products as they will come plopping through your letterbox each month.

You could always opt for the obligatory socks gift but maybe pick an upmarket pair. Failing that, why not let him sit back and watch his favorite shows courtesy of the Netflix subscription you just gave him? This way, you have provided him with hours of great shows and films, plus you can use it, too! Finally, if you think he could use a few pointers, we recommend the hilarious book, “A (Sort of Guide) to Being a Dad.” Full of funny tips, cheats and notes, this book is a humorous look at what the man himself does now and should be doing in the future.

Fortunately for dads, Father’s Day falls in the summer, which, while it does mean that the football season is over, it does mean that it’s BBQ time. If your Dad is a BBQ fan, and let’s be honest who isn’t, then you can’t go wrong with a shiny new garden cooker. Double down with a beer fridge, awesome for keeping the cold ones close by allowing your old man to throw the perfect summer’s garden party, especially in a World Cup year.

Of course, you always retain the option of a high-cost wallet or aftershave, but I like the idea of these new voice-activated household devices. The most well-known and surprisingly affordable versions of these are Google Home and Amazon Alexa. These nifty little devices give you access to music, radio, information upon request and generally run your life so you don’t have to. So, when mum’s giving him his orders for the day, save him the effort of having to remember them by getting these interactive speakers to do it for him. He won’t stop thanking you. So, there you go. Now, you know what to get your dad to say thanks for all the times he has been there for you.