7 Awesome Gifts for Your DIY Lover Dad - Christmas Gift 2017


Can you believe Christmas is nearly here again? Just a few months left to shop for all your loved ones. Dad’s can be pretty tough to shop for. Are you tired of getting him the same thing year after year? Looking for something a bit more original this year?

If you are, we’re here to help. If your dad’s a DIY lover, we’ve found 7 gifts that are perfect for him. These gifts are not only thoughtful, but they’re practical too. They’re gifts your Dad can really use – and trust us – he will thank you for it. Take a look at our list now and get a bit of inspiration for your Christmas shopping.

Drill machine

Does your Dad like a bit of a DIY project? If he does, maybe he’d love a new addition to his tool collection. What kind of addition you ask?  Yes, it might be noisy. Yes, he might make a few extra holes in the wall where there shouldn’t be. But if your Dad’s a DIY lover, we’re sure he’ll absolutely love it. There are plenty of options available online – so take a look now. A drill machine’s a handy gift for completing all those unfinished projects round the house. It’s perfect for those new-year projects. Checkout some good quality drill machine in The ToolsInside Blog.

Mud boots

Looking for something he can really get a lot of use out of? Why not consider a nice, new pair of mud boots. They’re guaranteed to keep him warm over the cold winter months, and definitely a winner for a man who like to keep himself busy in the great outdoors. Great for finishing outdoor projects, especially for someone who likes to take care of their outdoor space. This present has a really personal and thoughtful touch to it. We promise you - he’ll love it.

Socket set

Perfect for a Dad who’s into his electrical projects – could a socket set be the perfect gift for your Dad this year? We think so. This is such a practical gift, and something he can really use. There’s hours of fun waiting to be had. Your DIY mad Dad will be thrilled with this gift – a socket set is a gift that’s useful round the house especially for someone who’s house proud.

Work Shirt

Forget the cheesy Christmas jumper this year – why not choose something he can use all year round. A new work shirt is still a nice gift, but it’s also practical enough for him to use every day. There’s so many options available when it comes to shirts, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for him with no trouble. A work shirt is so much more personal than a traditional gift like socks or a tie – it really shows you’ve put some thought into your gift.

Weed grinder

Is your Dad an outdoors person? Does he like to take good care of his garden? If the answer is yes, why not choose a weed grinder for him this year? This is the perfect gift for a man that’s proud of his garden. It makes taking care of weeds so much easier. Trust us – he’ll thank you for this one!

Hand saw

This is an essential DIY tool for any Dad. A new one for Christmas could be just what he’s looking for. For a man that’s into his tools, this is a really good way to make him happy this year. Something to add to a man’s tool collection is always a popular move! He can throw out that rusty old saw in the shed, and every time he looks at the shiny new one – guess who he’ll think of!

Laser Distance Measurer

This one’s perfect for both DIY lovers, and gadget lovers! It’s a much easier way of measuring, and so much more accurate. Your Dad would love this gift. It’s thoughtful, practical and really useful when it comes to DIY projects. This gadget uses technology to make everyday DIY tasks so much quicker and easier. They come in tons of different models, specifications and are available with loads of different features. What more can we say? Sounds like the perfect Christmas present. What a great gift idea


So there you have it. Our top gifts for your DIY lover Dad – aren’t they awesome. This year, get something your Dad can really use and love. Get him something from the list! Trust us on this one – a DIY related gift is always a winner. All DIY loving Dads would be grateful to receive one of these awesome gifts