Avoiding the Consumption of Foods That Trigger Acid Reflux


What type of food items cause acid reflux? Many of the people are not the chronic acid reflux sufferer, but they do suffer from it as they know not which food items they should avoid. The food consumed directly affects the physical health and one needs to be careful. There are certain food items that may taste great and seem to be tempting, but it is wise to control the tongue as this may lead to great discomfort due to the acid reflux caused by these food items. It is, therefore, highly significant to know the foods that trigger acid reflux and thus avoid them.

Acid reflux triggers

Here are some prominent food items that are known to act as acid reflux triggers:

Spicy and fatty foods: This may seem to be quite unfriendly to the spicy and fatty food lovers. It is, certainly, difficult to control if one has the habit of eating the delicacies impregnated with spices and fats. However, health is much more important than anything else and the GERD patients should refrain from consuming the spicy and fatty foods that trigger acid reflux.

Onion and Garlic: These are integral part of the kitchens of most of the people. Both these spices are known for immensely escalating the aroma as well as taste of the food. Also, these are quite beneficial from health view point. However, for the GERD patients, these are counterproductive and need to be kept out of the kitchen or used in a controlled manner.

Tomato: The taste of many of the dishes may appear to be almost incomplete without tomato. But it is wise to keep away from the acid reflux patients or use it scantily as it triggers acid reflux.

Citrus fruits: The tongue may feel very much tempted at the mention of the citrus fruits. However, these are considered to be one of the most common causes of heartburn and the GERD patients should be careful.

Chocolates: Chocolates or the foods containing chocolate trigger heartburn. In certain occasion such as birthdays or anniversaries, chocolates or chocolate products may appear to be indispensable, but it is highly essential to be careful as they cause acid reflux.

Carbonated drinks: If not at homes, in the parties or in the restaurants and food stalls, the carbonated drinks are quite common. It is good to enjoy them, but there is a big no to GERD patients as these are also very much notorious as the prominent causes of heartburn.

Alcohol: Not all may really fond of alcohol, but those who love it need to be careful. Consuming alcohol is one of the most common causes of heartburn and it should be out of the menu if possible.

Caffeinated products: Any food items containing caffeine are not recommended for the people suffering from acid reflux as they trigger acid reflux. Drinking coffee and tea etc does not go very well with the GERD patients.

Not all the above foods may cause acid reflux in every patient. What the GERD patients require is to take note of such food items and avoid consuming for the second time if they fall prey to GERD disease.