7 Tips To Create Happy And Positive Vibes In Your Home

7 Tips To Create Happy And Positive Vibes In Your Home

If being inside your home has been making you feel low or heavy and discouraging you from spending a lot of time indoors, you’re probably living with stagnant energy. Use the following seven tips to rid your home of stale energy and invite positive vibes into your space.

Open your windows and doors to natural air and light

Keeping the windows and doors closed at all times prevents fresh air from circulating and creates a kind of closed space with dead air. Open your windows every once a while to enable the free flow of air. Don’t keep the curtains or blinds closed all of the time so that natural light can enter your home.

If there’s high pollution in your area, use air-purifying plants to clear the indoor air. And whenever it rains, use the opportunity to let cool, fresh air into your house.

Do a thorough deep cleaning

While all of us do superficial cleaning nearly every day—that is, tidying up the visible spaces in our homes, it is the deep cleaning that really rids a home of heaviness and negative energy. If you’re feeling low or lethargic, chances are your living space needs to be decluttered and the ignored corners of your house need to be cleaned.

Keeping a clean and organized home eliminates stagnation and encourages positive thinking and a happy state of mind.

Give your home some colour therapy

Use colour to create positive vibes in your home. Some colours are revered for their ability to enliven and energize a space and others are used to bring balance and positivity. According to colour therapists, you could add orange to your bedroom for warmth and joyfulness, white for calm and peace, green for growth, red for willpower, vibrancy, love and joy, and yellow for enlightenment and clarity.

Aside from inviting positive energy, adding a splash of colour will also make your living space more interesting, charming and pleasant.

Get connected with your spiritual self

For any homeowner to feel restful and comfortable in their home, it is important that they are at peace with themselves and living a life full of intent and consciousness. Indeed, having a clean and well-kept space is important to invite good energy, but it is equally important to take care of your own mental and physical wellbeing—in fact, both are closely related and one feeds on the other.

If you believe in wellness through psychic experiences, consider getting a tarot reading to get an insight into your present and future at a deeper level and learn how to do more for your family, your home and your own self.

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Play comforting music

Music has the power to change the energy of even the most ignored spaces. Playing soft, soothing music even while you’re in the process of clearing your home of clutter will act as an energy booster and inspire you to do more to be happy and harmonious.

Use the therapeutic power of good music to heal, nurture and replenish your living space with good vibes.

Remove triggers of negativity

It could be a photograph that triggers a bad memory, a piece of clothing, a memento, a broken appliance, or simply negative thoughts that are manifesting themselves in the form of anger, frustration or anxiety.

Clear your mind of negative thoughts and remove bad memories of the past from your home and your heart, and you will see a marked difference in how you feel when you spend extended time inside your house.

Negative thoughts cause stagnation and prevent a person from growing and enjoying life, which has a direct effect on how they live, work, eat and sleep. Do away with broken and useless stuff to create space for freshness and vibrancy.

Bring home a Himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamps come in abstract shapes and emit a soft glow when lit. These lamps have the ability to cleanse the indoor air and rid it of impurities, inducing a feeling of tranquillity and positivity.

In fact, salt lamps are often recommended for filling a space with high vibrations and good energy. They emit negative ions, thus enhancing energy, eliminating static electricity, improving mood, enabling restfulness and sound sleep, and counteracting harmful radiation.

Light a salt lamp in a corner of the room where you spend most of your time to get maximum benefit from its positive vibrations.