You Don't Need To Give Your Motorcycle The Cold Shoulder This Winter

Any keen rider will tell you that buying a motorcycle is one of the best things you could do. It’ll change the face of your weekends forever, and give you a fantastic way to de-stress. A twenty-minute ride when you need a break from family life could see you back and ready to rumble with your kiddies. Escapism doesn’t get better than the wind through your hair and the thrum of an engine between your legs.

Of course, given the time of year, you may wonder just how much use a motorcycle could be right now. Some people do lock their bikes in the garage during November and don’t get them out again until March or April. It’s a massive waste, and that alone could stop you from taking the plunge.

But, there’s no reason to lock that garage door just because it’s winter. It’s possible to get out on two wheels at any time of year. All you need to do to stay safe is consider the following.

Do you have the right gear?

Wearing the right gear on a motorcycle is always essential for safety. You should never go out without leathers or other protective garments. But, this point becomes even more important during winter. When you’re exposed to cold winds at high speeds, you risk making yourself ill. That’s why you need to make sure that you have layers on to keep you warm. As a general rule, bike leathers in themselves are pretty good at insulation. You’ll also want to invest in some thermals to wear as a bottom layer. That way, you’ll be snug as a bug in even the coldest weathers.

Can cars see you?

It’s also crucial that you consider your visibility. Days are short in winter, and even the middle of the day can be a pretty dark time. As such, you need to make 100% sure that cars can see you at all times. That means investing in both bike lights and hi-vis clothing. If someone crashes into you while you have these on, you can contact somewhere like the law office of george salinas, P.L.L.C. straight away for compensation. If you’re impossible to see, however, you may find yourself on the wrong side of a legal battle with no leg to stand on. Make sure it doesn’t happen by always ensuring your visibility.

What’s the weather doing for the rest of the day?

While it is possible to ride in rainy and icy conditions, it’s something you should avoid if you can. Sadly for you, the weather can change at a moment’s notice. You could be riding in blue skies one moment and torrential rain the next. To make sure you aren’t caught out, then, check the forecast for the rest of the day every time you consider going for a ride. Only head out if the coast looks clear for a good few hours. That way, you’ll never end up in a weather condition you aren’t comfortable riding in.