7 Unbeatable Ideas to Make Your Husband Happy


Keep the flame of our marriage alive, what a dilemma! It doesn’t matter if things are going well, or not so much. Also, this doesn’t depend on how long we’ve been married, it's always important to try making a couple of things. It will keep the interest of the husband in the relationship, and this is vital.

How to achieve this? Have you tried several activities and you just don’t get it? You don’t feel you made a difference? Perhaps the answer is: You’re thinking like a woman, not like a man. Let’s take a look from their point of view through these seven winner strategies:

Fulfill one of his child's dreams

Boys will be boys. It’s always easier to connect with the inner child in men, so whatever you do in that sense is a winner. Discover some activity that your husband has always dreamed about. It can be something simple, like skiing, a tattoo or a parachute jump. Make his dream come true, and he’ll be immensely happy.


Consent him a hobby

Your husband can be a fan of some sport. A couple of ballgame tickets will do it. Go with him and cheer for his team. Maybe your beloved is a rock fan so that the date will be at a concert. Do it with spirit and rock with him. There are others who die for playing poker or video games, let him be.


Prepare a “Spa Night”

Sounds like a crazy thing? It is not. Give your husband a moment for relaxing. Use a head shaver and groom his hair, fix his beard and also his nails. If he wants to grow his beard faster, then support him. You can always look for reviews on beard growth. Finish the session with a great body massage, using cinnamon or rosemary oil. The bed is not just for sex, and these types of intimate but non-sexual activities give variety and are very rewarding.


Take his car to a luxury car wash

The car is for the modern man what the horse was for the western heroes. For the man is his ally on adventures. Look for a car wash where they clean upholstery, wash the engine and polish the vehicle’s body. When your husband sees how radiant the vehicle is –inside and out –he will be utterly amazed.

Surprise him with his favorite meals

There’s something important about this one. It’s not about a single dish that you’ll repeat over and over again. He’s going to hate it. They're candies, snacks, his preferred wine and a great variety of this sort. Finding the chocolate, he loves the most hidden at the end of his portfolio will raise a smile you can ever imagine so you should try it. The next thing will be a phone call to tell you how much he loves you. Food is one of the most sensory activities performed by a human being; the five senses are involved.


Be Always Naughty

This is not a cliche. Sex is one of the most important things for men. This tip is quite broad, ranging from how you dress up to how you behave. No matter how much time passes, every husband loves to see her wife wore (or not) for him. Of course that you have to take care of children and clean the kitchen, but think about this: do you think he’ll prefer the dishes washed rather than a loving wife waiting for him on the bed?

Take initiatives, be naughty and creative. You would be surprised by the reaction of your husband to know that you are not wearing underwear on the street and that you are trying to seduce him. Try new things –in a couple, there should be no limits in the bed. This point is crucial since most relationships are finished because the man goes out to find what he doesn’t find at home.


Give a Gadget with no reason

Men love gadgets! Boy’s toys are another unbeatable winner! Knives, watches, head shavers, tablets, headphones, sunglasses, you have a universe to choose among. You know his taste, and you definitively are going to cheer his entire weekend. Of course, if you give him a toy, let him play. And if you can incorporate to the fun, better. You will not regret this.


There’re lots of alternatives to succeed and to keep our love relationship always rolling. Even though every human being loves the comfort zone, life should have always given us the feeling of change. Embrace this. Apply this as in your marital relationship as in all other aspects of your daily living.

These activities reinforce the sense of independence and identity, increase empathy and give space for each one to develop as a full human being. Also, you will enhance in your husband the sense that you care for him, that you value him. Guaranteed, you amazingly will be surprised with a couple of activities like this in gratitude, but for girls! Happy discovery!