How To Use A Food Waste Disposal


A food disposal also referred to as garbage disposal unit is a machine that is designed to be used to shred the food wastes into small pieces for ease disposal. This also helps to avoid clogging the pipe when the food is swiped through by the water. Such machine required to be taken care of and kept clean to prevent bad odor and plugging as well which mostly occur from the waste food.


The importance of food disposals


Food disposal machines are essentials in helping you keep your kitchen clean. For example, big food outlets such as the supermarkets and hotels tend to use fresh foods which may not be finished at the end of the day. If the foods are stored for a long time, they are bound to spoil and cause bad odor as well. So the food disposal helps get rid of such foods and assist in maintaining cleanliness in your food stations. To keep and maintain your food disposal clean follow the following use procedures.


How to use food waste disposal


• Run the disposal on a regular basis

Even if you are not using the food disposal, it is always important to adopt a routine of running it. This act is crucial as it helps prevent the machine from freezing, rusting or getting corrosion. It also helps remove any left overs that may have stuck in the machine from your previous use. Other importance associated with the regular running of the engine is that you can be able to detect if the machine has a fault and have it corrected at an early stage.

• Use cold water instead

It is advisable that you completely avoid hot water when grinding your food and instead use cold water. Unlike hot water that melts the food making it difficult to shred, cold water, on the other hand, makes the food to be hard hence easy to cut and pass through the machine without sticking. The only time that you may use hot water is when washing the machine since it helps loosen the stuck foods and grease for easy cleaning.

• Run the machine with cold water for a while after using the disposal device

After you are done shredding your food, continue running the cold water in the machine for about 10- 15 minutes. This helps to completely remove the food residuals that may have stuck in the disposal. You can also add some soap so you can also clean off the grease from the food on the machine. By doing this, you will use the lesser time when cleaning the disposal food machine since almost all the dirt and food remains have been washed down the drain.

• Cut the waste into small pieces

To avoid clogging and overworking the motor, shred the foods into small pieces which will be much easier to grid and use lesser time. Also, don't overflow the machine with food as it may cause it to hang while grinding, so put small chunks at a time to keep the machine working for long and save your time as well.

• Add citrus peel into the grinder

It is important to once in a while add a lemon or a lime peel to the machine and grind it. This acts as a neutralizer in eliminating bad odor in the machine and any left overs that may have stuck in the grinder.


Qualities of a good food disposal


• The disposal machine should be easy to clean and remove the food residuals to prevent them from getting stuck on the device.

• The grinder motor should be sharp to ensure that all food is shredded well.

• The material should be durable and made with high materials that are rust and corrosion resistant.




The above are must-follow steps when using a disposal machine. Ensure that the device is checked regularly by a technician so they can be able to detect if there is a fault and correct it. Keep it clean after use to prevent bad odor and dirt sticking on the machine too.