Alpha Dad: How To Get Ahead At Work

Alpha Dad: How To Get Ahead At Work

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Let’s face it, not all of us dads are the alpha males we’d like to be. But does that mean we can’t get ahead at work? Not at all. We just have to figure out how to game the system to make it work for us.

But what exactly does that mean in practice? After all, we’re out all day, working as hard as we can to put food on the table.

Here we’re going to have a look at some of the golden rules for getting ahead that might not be so obvious. Let’s take a look.

Turn Up Presentable

It’s a good idea never to show up to work, looking like you just rolled out of bed. Make sure you iron your shirt, slap on some cologne for men and brush your teeth. Being presentable dramatically changes how you feel, and how people feel towards you. Getting a good night’s sleep helps you stay alerts and remain friendly to the people around you. It only takes half an hour to make yourself look presentable in the morning, so use it.

Ignore The Poisonous People

In any group of people, there’s always somebody who just isn’t that nice a person. These people can often end up ruining your working life, especially if you focus on them. The best thing to do is to minimise how much time you spend with these people. Spending too much time with them can often make you feel negative and downtrodden and it’s all unnecessary.

Don’t Use Sick Leave For Extra Vacation

In some firms, you can take paid sick leave, once you’ve worked a certain number of days. Taking sick leave when you’re not sick is great when you want to slack off the job. But it does little to help your chances of promotion. HR departments soon cotton on to the people who take advantage of company sick leave policy. And you can bet your bottom dollar that those won’t be the people the company goes on to offer a promotion.

Spend Your Spare Time Improving Yourself

It may come as a shock, but your performance at work is probably determined more by what you do outside of work than in it. Take your diet, for instance. A healthy diet at home will mean that you are focused and in a good mood throughout the day. You’ll get more done, have less brain fog, and generally be more productive. A bad diet will leave you feeling tired and sick. Ultimately, you wind up begging for 5 pm to arrive, just so that you can go home and recover.

If you’ve already got your lifestyle nailed, there’s plenty of other things aspiring dads can do to get ahead at work. How about taking extra training outside of work to help you land that promotion you’ve been after? Or what about learning a foreign language so that you can impress the next time you go on a company business trip abroad, or maybe even getting your paperwork organized with a company like and work in a foreign country.

Remember, always step up to challenges when they arise. They’re an excellent opportunity to show just how much of an alpha dad you can be.

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