An Insider’s Guide At Preparing For A Whale Watching Tour

An Insider’s Guide At Preparing For A Whale Watching Tour

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Whale watching in Australia has become one important reason why many tourists plan trip to the county in winter breaks. The thrill of watching whales migrate, the chance to snap pictures up close is unparalleled to any other experience in the world. If like thousands others you too are planning a trip for a delightful whale watching experience, here are some basic recommendations to get you started.

1. Check The Marine Forecast

First things first, check the weather forecast for the day you plan to take the trip. The sightings depend on those rough or quiet the sea is. While at it, also checked the marine weather updates to see how high or low the wind will be so as to dress accordingly.

2. Check Sightings

Sightings are never guaranteed. This is one reason many Sydney harbour boat tour companies offer complimentary tickets with guaranteed sightings. Before booking with one, check recent sightings to know what species have been spotted in the area.

3. Pack Portable Food

Other than wearing an appropriate outfit, rubber slippers, sunscreen, sun glasses and a hat, you need to pack some snacks too. You won’t be able to enjoy a good show with a growling stomach and dehydrated self.

4. Take Motion-Sickness Medicine

If this is the first time you are going on board, don’t risk your chances of getting sea sick. Whale watching can involves hours of riding the water’s trough and crest and even the most immune also get sea sick. If you aren’t sure how you will react to the open waters it is best that you take motion sickness medicine a night before getting on board.

5. Don’t Forget Your Gadgets

Whale watching will be a life-changing moment. As any sane person, you would want to preserve the moment for years to come. Carry with yourself the best camera with a zoom lens, an empty memory card and extra batteries, as you never know who long it will be before the first sight. Even if you don’t get a sighting for hours, you can have fun taking snaps of your friends and family with the ocean as the backdrop.

6. Don’t Be Late

When riding with a chartered boat tour company, ensure to arrive at least half an hour before the board time –earlier if you haven’t pre-booked the tickets. Boarding takes time and unless you want to stand in a long queue, arriving early is always the best option.

7. Lastly, Have An Open Mind

Unlike you, whales aren’t guided or trained to stay in a place so that boaters can enjoy a close sight. They are wild creatures and therefore, aren’t; too welcoming to the sudden camera flashes, claps and awes. Many times, it takes hours before one spots a good sighting. This can easily make someone sea sick or frustrated. It is totally understandable that one would want the ride to end as soon as possible as staying under the sun for 2 to 3 hours straight is not everyone’s cup of tea. So if you are going to whale watching trip, make sure to keep all these things in mind and prepare yourself beforehand. Remember, the pictures on the brochures were probably the few best among the thousands clicked, so every boating trip will not be as good.

Whale watching is a fun experience but it can only be fun if one goes prepared for the trip. It won’t matter how many sightings you post in a single trip, how closely or how soon, the overall idea is to enjoy the show and observe and appreciate nature’s beauty up close.

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