4 Smart Ways To Prepare Your Bachelor Pad For Children

4 Smart Ways To Prepare Your Bachelor Pad For Children

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You are about to embark on an exciting facet of adulthood: A newborn is entering your life. Before your new baby comes home with you, you need to turn your bachelor pad into a baby haven.

Along with preparing the baby's room and stocking up on baby supplies such as diapers, you have to assess your house or apartment itself. Keep your new baby healthy and happy by dealing with safety hazards, indoor air quality, and possible emergencies.

Create A Pet Plan

Pets can form wonderful bonds with babies and children, but your pet has to adjust to this new lifestyle and new family member. First, introduce your pet to a blanket or onesie that smells like your baby. When your pet is around the new baby, don't leave them alone together. Be sure to pay special attention to your pet so that the furry member of your family doesn't feel left out or get jealous.

Take care to also keep pet dander and fur out of your baby's room by always leaving the door closed so that your pet doesn't have access to the room.

Do Some Childproofing

Although your baby won't be old enough to crawl around and get into trouble when your little one first comes home with you, you'll be caring for a newborn and won't have much time to babyproof your home. Do these preparations in advance, because the toddler years sneak up fast.

Sharp edges, electrical outlets, exposed electrical cords, and breakable decorations all need to go. Move your valuables to high shelves, put plastic or rubber caps on sharp corners and outlets, and tape electrical cords to the floor so they can't be pulled up.

Tackle Indoor Air Quality

You may want to spray every surface in your home with disinfectant, but the chemicals in most household cleaning products are too harsh for your new baby. Instead, use natural cleaners to remove dust and bacteria from your home so that no harmful chemicals make their way into the air.

Check your home's indoor air quality to make sure that no mold or mildew is growing inside your home. Finally, change your HVAC system's air filters so that they catch most of the dust and debris in your home's air.

Prepare For Emergencies

Nothing is more terrifying than your new little one getting sick. Learn the number for the EMS and ER in your area. Also save the number of your pediatrician to your phone.

Plan a route to the hospital you'll want to use if an emergency arises, and make sure you know the fastest way to the ER entrance. Do the drive once in a calm state so that you're familiar with it. Hopefully, you'll never need this information, but you'll be glad you have it if you do.

Feeling scared or anxious about raising children is perfectly natural. After all, you're about to become a parent, and while it's exciting, most people also admit that the new experience is terrifying. Learn and prepare as much as you can before your baby arrives. You'll continue to learn more as your newest family member grows up with you.

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