Being A Stylish Dad Is Easier Than You Think!

Being A Stylish Dad Is Easier Than You Think!

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There's a stereotype of dads that you see every day in movies and TV. It's the image of the dad with the slacks pulled up way too high, a shirt tucked into them, and a fanny pack proudly on display. Now, this isn't supposed to say that there's anything wrong with fanny packs per se, but it's hard to pretend that they are the epitome of style! In fact, style is a word that isn't often associated with dads.

The idea that a lot of people have is that you simply stop caring about style once you have children. It's fair to say that your priorities definitely shift when you have kids, but that doesn't mean that you lose all sense of style! Fortunately, staying stylish when you're a dad isn't as hard as you might think. Here are just a few things that you can do to keep the fanny packs at bay for at least a little while!

Coordinate With The Kids!

Being a parent doesn't mean that you're suddenly going to forget all about your own sense of style, just that your priorities shift slightly. Your child becomes your main focus, and you're probably more concerned with the clothes that they're wearing than the clothes that you are. Why not let some of your sense of style come out when dressing your kids?

Brands like baby Kenzo are not only high quality and comfortable for your little ones, but they're stylish enough that you're going to want to raise your game as well! By dressing your kids stylishly then you're far more likely to think about your own style even while you're dealing with all of the stress that comes with parenting.

Go Minimal With Your Wardrobe

When you're dealing with the busy, hectic life of a parent, you're not really going to have time to go through a wardrobe filled with different items of clothing. Not only that but you'll find that kids take up a lot more space than you might expect, meaning that you're going to want to minimize the amount of stuff and home tools that you have laying around.

Fortunately, you don't need a huge wardrobe to dress stylishly; you really only need a few key items that you can combine in different ways to create a bunch of different outfits. Not only are you going to save yourself a lot of time and effort but you'll end up saving a fair amount of money once you get out of the habit of buying clothes you're not really going to wear.

Embrace It!

There's nothing wrong with leaning into the style of being a dad. Cozy and comfortable clothes can be stylish too, it's just a matter of how you wear it. There's a big difference between taking the kids out in a stylish pair of sweatpants and an on-trend beanie, and heading out in an old t-shirt full of holes and a pair of pants with a giant mustard stain on the left leg!

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