Are Modular Helmets Safe?

A helmet is an important safety accessory you must be wearing when driving motorcycles. And you must not give it any less importance than what it deserves. When you’re in the market for comfortable, cheap motorcycle helmets, you may come across the modular model. These helmets are a compromise between full-faced and open-faced helmets, as they have a chin bar that flips up. While this may be appealing to some riders, others may wonder if this design feature affects a helmet’s effectiveness as safety gear. Are modular helmets safe or should you go with a full-faced option?

Intended Purpose of Modular Helmets

Modular helmets are designed to allow riders to do several things:

●       Easily talk to one another without a helmet muffling their voices

●       Get some fresh air without having to take off their whole helmet

●       Take a drink or eat quickly while keeping their helmet on

This design is perfect for riders who find themselves taking their helmets on and off frequently, or who are just frustrated with the limitations of a full-faced helmet.

Difference Between Modular and Full-Faced Helmets 

The most important difference between full-faced and modular helmets is that the first is a single piece while the second has hinges that allow the chin bar to move. While the difference may not be noticeable at first glance, the multiple parts of the modular helmet do affect safety.

Safety of Modular Helmets

Does a modular helmet offer the best head protection? Unfortunately, that spot is taken by full-faced helmets, as their cohesive design holds up exceptionally well upon impact. However, that doesn’t mean modular helmets are unsafe. They still provide great protection, especially when used properly – that means keeping the chin bar down when you’re hitting the throttle. If your riding style is leisurely and you aren’t in areas with heavy traffic, a modular helmet can protect you extremely well.

Your choice of helmet depends on several things, such as your riding style, how much fresh air you want and how much you value comfort. The important thing is that you always wear head protection, no matter the type, when out on the road.