The Cool Dad: 10 Men's Accessories Every Dad Needs To Have

There’s a difference between being a dad, and being a cool dad.

Of course, every father will have moments when he totally embarrasses his kids (and will probably do this on purpose often just for fun). But if you’re trying to step up your ‘coolness factor’ or your fashion game, it’s important to know the men’s accessories that will actually make you look good.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or trying to drop hints to your family members about an important holiday or celebration coming up, here are the ten best men’s accessories that every cool dad needs.

The Top 10 Men’s Accessories

Finding the best gifts for your dad can be a challenge. Some dads are picky. Some dads are indifferent. And some dads don’t really have their own style, so you’re forced to pick items that potentially create it for them.

Wherever your dad lies on the spectrum, know that the gifts you buy him will be appreciated because they’re from you.

From watches to wireless headphones, here are the accessories your father will absolutely love.

1. Portable Work-and-Gym Headphones

For an active dad or one who’s always on the go, these Bose wireless headphones are great because they can be used for any occasion.

From making work calls at his desk, to running on the treadmill, these headphones are comfortable and small enough to be discreet. They’re a little on the higher end in terms of price, but they boast excellent sound quality, durability, and a 30-day risk-free trial for your dad to check them out with no strings attached.

2. Classic Nike Sunglasses

Every dad needs a pair of shades, but these Nike shades are both smart and stylish.

The frame is a sleek classic black and the fit is comfortable and athletic. Dads are all about making things easy, and these sunglasses can be worn for anything from a golf outing to a sunset date.

3. A Sleek and Functional Watch

Watches are dad’s best friend. Not only are they stylish, but they help keep your father on schedule for everything from work meetings to date nights (while looking good).

The Casio solar watch is an excellent choice for the father in your life because there are so many designs to choose from! Even if your dad is picky when it comes to men’s watches, or lacks any type of style, there’s a watch for him in this collection.

4. A Quality and Cool Travel Backpack

Whether your dad is traveling for work or play, having a good-looking carry on travel backpack will take his wardrobe to the next level.

It’s important for him to have all the essentials on the plane at all times, plus the sleek black color of this bag helps it go with everything to give your father a sense of style. It’s a must-have.

5. Lightweight, Wool Gym Shoes

Every dad needs a pair of comfy, lightweight gym shoes to wear for exercising, commuting, or nights on the town.

These Allbirds wool tennis shoes are cozy and comfortable, but quality, too. They are moisture-wicking to prevent odor and can be tossed in the washing machine when they get dirty.

There are sizes 8-14 and eight different color options. Some men even claim they can be worn as business casual dress shoes!

6. A Wear-Everywhere White Linen Shirt

Regardless of what your dad does or where he goes, a staple item for his closet is a white linen shirt.

This shirt can be worn as an undershirt, a regular shirt as it gets warmer, and a classic shirt to be dressed up or down for nights out. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and can take any non-stylish dad and give him some fashion sense.

7. A Pair of Cozy Tall Socks

Ankle socks can be comfortable and useful when it comes to shorter dress/workout shoes, but for the dad who rocks dress shoes and long pants often, finding a pair of tall socks to prevent sock slipping is important.

These tall socks put the fun in functional. They’re tall enough to prevent slipping while showing off your father’s vibrant personality. You can find them in sizes 12-20.

8. A RFID-Blocking Wallet

This Fossil wallet is one of the best men’s designer accessories out there.

It’s classic looking without the hefty price. Plus, with RFID-tagging it puts security at the forefront, which is important to every dad. There are also enough pockets to store everything, as well as a flip-open ID holder.

9. Comfy ‘Cool Dad’ Slippers

Slippers are a necessity for every dad, but it’s important to get a pair that are fashionable, too.

These comfy Staheekum slippers are on the lower end in terms of price but come with a soft flannel-lined interior and leather exterior for the most comfortable fit. They come in sizes 7-14 and a variety of colors.

10. Swim Trunks Fashionably Disguised as Shorts

As temperatures warm up, every dad needs a good-looking pair of swim trunks.

Sometimes it’s good to be a little discreet, though, and that’s where these commission shorts come in.

These swim shorts look just like regular shorts, but are comfortable and lightweight enough to wear for a party or even golf outing! They come in black and navy blue and for sizes 28-38. They have a 9-inch seam, waterproof fabric, and even offer free shipping and free returns for your dad to just try them out.

Get Shopping!

It’s time to buy your dad a gift. Whether you’re shopping just because, or with a special date/holiday in mind, there are plenty of fashionable men’s accessories to take his look to the next level.

If you’re a dad, chances are you’re wanting to step up your game. From the regular dad to cool dad, sometimes it’s all about picking up the right items.

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