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Inject Dad With Some Style This Year

Most kids grow up thinking their dad doesn’t have a clue about style. Between the ages of thirteen and seventeen, the thought of being seen out with your dad can fill them with dread. The thing is, dads can be stylish, but the problem with most dads is that they try to mimic the trends of those younger than them instead of finding a style that suits them. This is why dads with snapbacks and sagging jeans look like they’re trying too hard. Thankfully, there is another way.

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The Cool Dad: 10 Men's Accessories Every Dad Needs To Have

There’s a difference between being a dad, and being a cool dad. If you’re trying to step up your ‘coolness factor’ or your fashion game, it’s important to know the men’s accessories that will actually make you look good. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or trying to drop hints to your family members about an important holiday or celebration coming up, here are the ten best men’s accessories that every cool dad needs.

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