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Advice On How To Be A Good Parent For Dads

Different social media platforms are awash with stories of kids (some of them grownups) who talk all kinds of stories about how their dads failed to fulfil their father obligations. Concerned by the high number of such stories, we decided to pen this article which shares with all fathers’ incredible tips on how they can become better dads to their children.

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Embracing The Dad Bod (And Your Age)... But Still Looking Damn Fine!

There comes the point when every dad knows it's time to give in, and stop living a lie. Yes, you may have spent years in Converse and leather jackets, but after a certain age, it's very unbecoming of you. And, you may realize, it's time to start dressing your age. But there's no shame in this, embracing your dad bod doesn't have to be a thing of shame, neither is dressing your age. But there are some little rules that we should all play by when it comes to dressing our age, and here are a few.

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