Being A Cool Dad: Fashion 101

There’s absolutely no doubt about it; you will be an embarrassing dad, unknowingly humiliating your offspring at any given opportunity. It might be your singing in the car, your toe curlingly cringing questions for a potential suitor or it might even be your fashion sense. To try and combat any chances of it being your attire, you need to master some looks that any adolescent within your humble abode will give the thumbs up to. Take a look at these three key looks that any dad, embarrassing or otherwise, can master for the sake of their kids.


The Hipster

Dad Fashion 1.jpg

If you are under the age of thirty five, the hipster style is still a look that you can get away with. Your middle age spread won’t have set in yet, and you have hopefully got a youthful glow that will compete with the sickeningly nimble twenty somethings of the world. With a couple of pairs of skinny jeans, a pair of Converse, some vintage jackets and graphic tees, you could pull off an achingly cool look. Giving your outfits a hipster edge isn’t too tricky, and you will never run the risk of trying too hard. Your little cherubs will be proud to have you walking alongside them on the street, and you won’t have to worry about staying at least ten feet away from them ever again.


The Distinguished Look

Dad Fashion 2 .jpg

If you are of a more mature age and the thought of emulating a youthful hipster style makes you cringe, you might need to hunt for a more sophisticated style. If you adore being smart, yearn for formality yet also crave a way of expressing your own personality, the modern day fop look could be your ideal trend to follow. Whip on your herringbone tweed jacket, get about folding a pocket square for your dapper handkerchief, grow yourself a fashionable handlebar mustache and find your perfect pair of brogues. The more distinguished look is ideal for those older dads who want to look cool for their kids without being heartbreakingly cringeworthy.


Back In Black

Dad Fashion 3 .jpg

If all else fails and you really don’t have a fashion conscious bone in your body, it might be time to revert to basics. Fashion icons like Justin Theroux have based their entire wardrobe around their love for black. Without drifting into the world of emos and goths, you can look highly fashionable, suave and mature in a pair of black jeans, a white tee, and a blazer. Invest in a cool black leather jacket, some black loafers, and some darker tees. The color may be deemed as boring in some quarters but it can also be flattering, and it’s a style that is hard to get wrong.


Being a dad somehow morphs you from a fashionable and hip follower of trends with your finger on the fashion pulse into an embarrassing parent overnight. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us, and there is nothing you can do about it. Instead of wallowing in your newfound cringeworthiness, do something about it and learn to be an achingly cool and fashionable dad.