Unique, Yet Affordable, Gifts For A Special Dad


We owe everything we are to our parents, and for many of us there will never be a man who can match up to our dad: it was he who raised us, cared for us, bought us toys, drove us to see friends, and supported us in everything we wanted to do or be. That's why it's important to show dad how much we really love him on special occasions such as birthdays and Father's Day. The best gifts, the ones which are most appreciated, are thoughtful ones, but that doesn't necessarily mean they have to cost a lot. Here are three affordable gifts that your dad might adore.


Single Malt Whisky

The history of whisky is said to go back four thousand years to the ancient kingdom of Babylon, but of course it's now associated worldwide with the glens of bonnie Scotland. You don't have to be Scottish to enjoy a glass of Scotch, and it remains one of America's most popular spirits. The very finest whiskies are those which are classed as single malt; this means that they haven't been mixed with other whisky blends and so have a strong, unique taste. Expect to pay a little more for a single malt than a standard bottle of whisky, but they can still be an affordable present for a dad who loves a wee dram on cold nights.


Fine Cigars

Just as not everyone drinks whisky, not everyone smokes, but for those who do, the very height of smoking is a fine cigar. Smoking a high-quality cigar is a luxurious smoking experience that's very different, one that creates a sense of ease and contentment. Superior cigars can cost less than you think when you take advantage of the great cigar deals. Whether you buy your dad one cigar of the very finest quality or a selection of five outstanding cigars, it's sure to be a gift that any smoking dad will really appreciate.


Track Days

Would your dad love to drive around in his own Ferrari, or another high-class sports car? Unfortunately, these legendary cars remain financially out of reach for most of us, but that doesn't mean that your dad has to forego the thrill of driving one. Track days are available right across the United States that allow you, or your dad, to experience high speeds in beautiful cars that are the height of both luxury and performance. It's even possible to enjoy a track day at the world's most famous motor racing circuit, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, following in the tyre tracks of racing legends such as Al Unser and Dario Franchitti.

The key to finding a great present for your dad is to match it to something that he's passionate about, whether that is fast cars and motor racing, or relaxing with the luxury of a superb quality whisky or cigar. Nobody knows your dad better than you do, so think about what he truly loves and then surprise him with a gift that will really light up his face when that special day comes around.