Best Family Games You Can Play

Best Family Games You Can Play

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Spending time with the family is one of the greatest things to being a parent, especially when the kids at that age where they think their dad is cool.

If you’re spending the holidays together, taking a vacation, or just spending a Saturday in each other’s company, there are a lot of great games to pass the time and keep both the adults and the kids entertained. If you’re stuck for stuff to do with the family, here are a few great suggestions:

An Escape Room

If you’ve got time to take your kids into town, why not take them to an Escape Room in Leicester. These kinds of games can be lots of fun and you can make some pretty great memories, too. It’s something they can feel proud of if they manage to complete the challenges in time. Choose an easy escape room where they won’t need too much of your help. It’s not fun if dad’s the one completing all of the puzzles. You can find Escape Rooms almost anywhere in the world with all kinds of creative and crazy rooms to choose from. Choose one that your kids will love and watch them solve puzzles like pros.

Mario Kart

Mario Kart has been the maker and breaker of friendships for over 20 years, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t still love it. It’s a great game for families, even if it can cause a few arguments amongst the most competitive of us. If you’re worried Mario Kart is going to make your kid hate each other, Mario Party is a good alternative. This board game style of video game leaves a lot to chance, so won’t find as many accusations of cheating when playing this one.

Dungeons And Dragons

If more people played Dungeons and Dragons, they would realise its great potential as a family game. Siblings and parents all get to use their smarts and imagination to conquer a fantasy word, with Dad, the dungeon master, steering the journey. The great thing about Dungeons and Dragons is that, after you get more experience playing the game, you can construct your own journeys and design adventures that are just for your kids. You can be as ridiculous or as you want when you’re playing and you could turn this game into something really special for your kids.

Charades (App)

For some reason, playing Charades with the app just seems to make for a much happier and fun atmosphere. You can play in teams or you can play with everyone acting out the answers (which is especially fun when you’ve got an entire room of people acting out Dumbo). With the Charades app, one person holds the phone to their head with the screen facing everyone else. When words come up on the screen, the other people have to act them out and the person holding the phone has to guess. If you’ve got some time to kill on a rainy day or just feel like being silly, this is a great game to play with the kids.

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