Biggest Moving Mistakes You Must Avoid

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In most cases, moving can be a scary idea. Without adequate preparation, you’ll probably get lost in all the turmoil that may happen during the whole process. And with all the stress and anxiety brought about by moving, mistakes are undoubtedly bound to happen. However, you should always keep in mind that the least mistakes you have, the more straightforward and cost-efficient the entire transition will be. Whatever you do, it’s best to avoid committing the biggest moving mistakes at all costs. So, read on to learn about the common mistakes in moving that you should be wary of from the very beginning.


1.         Not doing your research on a moving company. When it comes to moving, companies are plentiful. Unfortunately, many people are tempted by price – and hiring a mover on that basis alone can really cost you a lot of money. It’s therefore important to conduct a thorough research before choosing a moving company. Check the mover’s client reviews, license, and insurance coverage to make sure you’re only dealing with the professionals.


2.         Lack of moving checklist. It’s a well-settled rule that proper organization plays a vital role in making a move successful. Having that line of thought, the more you’re organized, the smoother your relocation will be. If you have a checklist in place, you’ll stay on track without missing any important aspect of your move.


3.         Poor scheduling. Moving takes time. While it may be convenient to set your move-in date on the last day of the month, you should also remember that such a schedule is a time of high demand for movers. Thus, it’s best to schedule your moving date during down times where many companies are available to assist your needs.


4.         Insufficient time to pack. Without sufficient time, your packing can cause too much stress. Practically speaking, you can’t pack all your belongings within a few minutes. Sometimes, it may take a few days before you can completely box all your stuff. That’s why be realistic when you allot time for packing. Walk through around your house and determine how much time you need to accomplish the packing before the big day.


5.         Failure to sort and purge. Moving can be a great time to edit down your personal belongings. The lesser things you have to move, the better for your pocket’s condition. Remember, your failure to declutter means wasting a lot of time for nothing.


6.          No budget. It’s indeed difficult to anticipate your moving expenses. This is the reason why most moving companies provide estimates. However, you shouldn’t always depend on your mover’s price estimates. Instead, you should work on getting a general idea of how much your move will cost you. Lastly, be sure you have set aside some of your money to cover the unexpected expenses during and after the moving process.


7.         Failure to get more help. Even if you think you can do the move yourself, it’s still better to ask for help. Remember, moving can be laborious and time-consuming and failure to seek assistance from your friends will only cause you too much worry. Thus, be honest about your move and know how much work you’re willing to give. If you don’t have many items to transport, a DIY move can be ideal for you. If, on the other hand, you have tons of boxes to bring, then asking more helping hands can make a huge difference.


8.         Inadequate moving insurance. You’ll certainly be in trouble if your box of antiques is dropped during the move. If you’re hiring the best moving company for your next relocation project, make sure you get the right insurance coverage for your valuables. That way, you can sleep at night knowing that your belongings are fully protected all throughout the transit.


9.         Inadequate packing supplies. Some people have the tendency to underestimate everything. This includes the number of packing materials you may need for your upcoming move. Keep in mind, nobody wants to run back and forth to purchase more supplies. Know what materials you’ll need and be sure to gather the right amount so you can pack your things in a more efficient manner.


In conclusion


Your move doesn’t have to be a rush at all times. Plan ahead of time and get on your feet by taking these moving mistakes into consideration. Although things may go beyond your control, at least you know that everything is working according to plan. Avoid these pitfalls as much as possible so you can get settled smoothly and quickly into your new home. And if you’re looking for a New-York based company like Movers NYC, be sure to choose the right one with a valuable experience and a good reputation in the industry. Doing so will help your move become a success.