Building The Perfect Garden For Your Family Home

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of relaxing and playing in the garden with your family. Gardens are amazing, and spending time in them with the people that you love the most is like having your own little haven. The problem is that parents and their children often have a very different idea of what a garden should be about. For the parents, it’s a chance to kick back, enjoy a barbecue, and soak up the sun. For kids, it’s all about energy and fun. The challenge is to create the perfect garden that satisfies everyone. If you want to get more out of your garden this summer and your family wants the same, then here’s how to make it a reality. 

Split into Two

Your first step should be to plan a design that incorporates what everyone in your family wants from the garden. That’s going to mean splitting the garden in half. Closer to the home should be the relaxation area. That can include your barbecue and garden furniture, and if you have the kind of property where the inside kitchen opens up onto the back yard, it’s all the easier to use the front of your garden as an extension of the interior. Keep the adult area contained! Leave the majority of the garden for the younger members of your family, and divide the remaining space into safe play areas. You could include: 

●     Soft play areas: You can use bark or even rubber as a safe landing spot.

●     Slides and swings: As far from the adult area as possible but still within view.

●     Treehouses: Include safety nets if they are high. If you don’t have a tree in your garden, or space is limited, then a ground-based den will be just as good. 

Remember, if you want to stop worrying about whether the grass is perfectly manicured, then create a garden where it no longer matters. Make sure that you keep your water features closer to the property, and you could even create the ultimate safe Water Garden that everyone will appreciate in the warmer months. 

Flowers and Trees

You’re going to want to plant the greenery and colors that are hardier. That will mean you spend less time on garden maintenance and more time with your family. Look for trees, bushes, and plants that add a splash of color, and yield foods that you can then take into the kitchen (great for teaching the younger members of your family about food and cooking). Consider: 

●     Apple trees

●     Potted fruit plants like blueberries or even raspberries.

●     A choice of herbs, for example, mint, lavender, or rosemary. 

You should think a little about color splashes as well, so if you have space, remember to plant some hardy perennials like geraniums, Japanese Anemones, and tall verbenas. 

Gardens are great for families, no matter what time of year. Don’t forget to design your garden so that it can be used just as well in winter as the middle of summer. Create the perfect family garden, and you’ll build more than just a place to relax in: you’ll create family memories too.