5 Tips For Recovering After A C-Section

Getting a c-section is a serious event.  Even though it's a common surgery, it's not something that a lot of women take lightly. Undergoing the procedure, as well as going through the recovery process can be nerve-wracking.  All surgeries leave behind scars which may leave her feeling uneasy about how she’ll look afterward. 

However, there are plenty of tips to help ease your doubts about the mom-to-be in in life’s upcoming c-section.  With enough preparation and information, she can make a speedy recovery with minimal scarring.  Take a look at some of the best tips for recovering from her Cesarean.  

Take Your Prescribed Medications  

A lot of women who get home from the hospital are so busy taking care of the baby and getting back to their daily to-do's that they neglect to take their medications. 

However, when the choice is between feeling pain and feeling relief, why would you opt for pain?  Your doctor prescribed the medication she was given in order to facilitate her healing process.  In order to successfully recover, she should always make sure to follow your doctor's orders.  

Move Around 

Once upon a time, doctors used to say that mothers who recently underwent a cesarean should remain in bed for as long as possible. 

However, studies show that getting up and moving around will help you recover faster.  It may be a slow process, and you may feel a little shaky initially.  However, the more small movements that she makes getting up and moving around, the better. 

Arrange In Advance 

Although not all c-sections are planned, it's ideal to plan ahead.  You should try to set up your home so that it's easily accessible. Keep things in reach around your bed.   

Ask family members if they're available to stop by and help with any housework or to-do's so that she can focus on the baby.  Make sure that your fridge is stocked so that you don't have to worry about running out of anything.  The first few weeks will be all about staying home and taking care of the baby.  

Take It Slow 

Remember that there's no need to rush into anything after her procedure. Following a major surgery, she'll need to let her body recover.  Even though she may be anxious to get back to the gym, or power clean your house, there are serious risks involved with exerting herself. 

She could end up causing your incision to open which could result in serious bleeding.  Don't do anything too strenuous until she gets the green light from your surgeon.   

Eat Nutritious Options 

She may not suspect that how you eat affects the way that you heal; however, it can play a significant role in how fast she recovers. 

Try to avoid heavy foods which are processed or fried, and instead opt for all natural options.