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A Dad's Raw And Uncut Version Of A C- Section Gone Wrong

Just a Simple C-Section. “Lets get this over with already”. Those were the thoughts going through my head after an agonizing 16 hours of watching my wife in labor. All of that excitement we felt for 9 months turned to frustration after the epidural didn’t work and Emily felt extreme pain with every contraction. We decided we would have a C -section. I finally started feeling some of the anxiety melting away. After all, all I’d ever been told were that C Sections were routine surgeries.

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5 Tips For Recovering After A C-Section

Getting a c-section is a serious event.  Even though it's a common surgery, it's not something that a lot of women take lightly. Undergoing the procedure, as well as going through the recovery process can be nerve-wracking.  All surgeries leave behind scars which may leave her feeling uneasy about how she’ll look afterward.

However, there are plenty of tips to help ease your doubts about your upcoming c-section.  With enough preparation and information, you can make a speedy recovery with minimal scarring.  Take a look at some of the best tips for recovering from your Cesarean.

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